Thursday, 3 December 2015

News: Duardin Fyreslayer Sprue leaked!

Just run across these two pictures showing what it looks like an Duardin Fyreslayer, most probably an character or Dragon/Daemonslayer variant with the option of an Icon/Standard. Looks really cool in my opinion, can't wait to see it assembled and painted.

Really interesting as well as this is the first release of some other race/faction than Stormcasts or Chaos for AoS. And Fyreslayers looks really cool in the artwork so far.

Got the pics via: Talk Wargaming

What do you think?


  1. Super excited. It looks really close to the artwork in the book, particularly the super fancy helmet (and that looks like a really smart bit of design work) which is a great thing. It appears to be a character pack, which suggests a Slayer Army Standard Bearer and suggests we will see a nice little Fyreslayer range with new and interesting things rather than just rebases of old models.

    1. Exactly and an Fyreslayer army would be cool as hell. Love the helmet with the crest too, look just like the artwork.

  2. These look awesome. TIme to sell stuff STAT!


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