Here's some useful links if you are into the hobby of Wargaming, which I assume you are if you read my blog. So without a further ado here's some links to some great wargaming sites.

Useful links

Warzone: Resurrection One of the best IP:s is being brought back in wargaming form in this new version of Warzone. The makers of the new game Prodos Games held an really succesfull Kickstarter and have started to produce a lot of new and really cool looking miniatures as well as new rules. Check them out!

Beasts of War Good community site with news and more. Covering a lot of game systems nowadays, which is actually a minus for me, was better back in the days. But a good site non the less. 

Wayland Games Best prices on the net from what I have seen, great service, not fast on deliveries but cheap and often with no shipping or other great deals. GW items can't be purchased by non European customers though, because of the GW rules from 2011. 

Army Painter A lot of the paints, basing materials I use as well as the Quick Shade is made my this company, great products and good prices. Check them out, nice pictures and tutorials on how to use the Quick Shade and their paint range. 

Mantic Games Makers of a lot of great looking miniatures for little money, great alternatives to GW products. 

Games Workshop The webpage for the company we all love and hate at the same time. Most love from me though as they are the company that made Warhammer and 40k.


Forums is the best way of getting the information and feedback you need for your army, and every army has one so if you want an army list, pictures or pretty much anything regarding your army. Your army forum is usually the best way to go.

Generic Forums:
Dakka Dakka
Warhammer Forum

Beastmen: The Herdstone
Bretonnia: The Round Table of Bretonnia
Daemons of Chaos: The Daemonic Legion
Dark Elves:
Dogs of War: Dogs of War Online
Dwarfs: Bugman's Brewery
Chaos Dwarfs: Chaos Dwarfs Online
High Elves: Ulthuan
Lizardmen: Lustria-Online
Ogre Kingdoms: The Ogre Stronghold
Orcs & Goblins: Da Warpath
Skaven: The UnderEmpire
Empire: Warhammer-Empire
Tomb Kings: Tom Kings of Khemri Forum
Vampire Counts: Carpe Noctem
Warriors of Chaos: Chamber of the Everchosen
Wood Elves:

Space Marines (all chaptera incl. Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle & Chaos Space Marines, Daemons): Bolter and Chainsword 

More to come


Here's some of the many Podcasts out there about our beloved hobby, I'm sure there's more but here are the ones I listen to as regularly as I can. Sadly the first one I started listen to stopped putting out shows all of the sudden so RIP Podhammer.


Bad Dice Podcast/Daily UK based. The one I listen to most, and with the Daily show you get a short episode (aprox 15 min) five days a week which is really nice. Hosts are Ben Curry (DE, CD), Mark Wildman (Empire, Beastmen, TK)and Gareth Peter Dicks (VC).

Garagehammer US based. Great show with not as much tournament talk as many other podcasts. Recently changed one of the hosts when Christopher quit the podcast, now the hosts are David Witek (Dwarfs, VC) and Chris Yu (O &G, HE)

Ohiohammer US based.  Another great show from the states. Hosts are Andrew Sherman (pretty much all armies but Empire is the main army), Jake Hunter (HE)

Heelanhammer UK based. Dan Heelan (Empire, Lizardmen, WE) and Wayne Kemp (Skaven, Daemons and more) is back again  after a long break and the new shows sound better than ever. Glad they brought back one of my favourite podcasts. 

Wh40 k

40k Radio US based. Not into 40k as much so I haven't listened to them that much, it's a popular show though and the guys hosting are crazy. In a good way though. Hosts are Romeo Filip (yeah the Battlefoam guy) and Kyle Kinghorn.

More links to come! And if you have any suggestions e-mail me at:

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