Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Warshrine of Tzeentch Finished!

Hey there, so at last the the Warshine is finished. The last pretty easy steps took some time as I went with other projects instead. I'm quite satisfied with the result, but I somehow feel that's something missing. Maybe a pink horror or two somewhere on the disc or something. But don't have any pink horrors atm so this have to do. At least it's looks like it belongs to Tzeentch and it's was cheap to make as well as I got the really old Dragon Ogre from a friend many years ago.

Now it comes to good use, all that it needed was some greenstuff, a snus jar, a small chain and some left over mantic ghoul hands and some plasticard. Please tell me what you think and if you have done a Warshrine or seen a really cool Warshrine let me know, always fun to see what others do with these kind of models which don't have any official model yet.


  1. Great job, really cool concept. I love that old Dragon-ogre model.

  2. That is excellent dude. The eye is perfect. Very unsettling and a great inspiration.

    The classic Dragon Ogre just tops it off perfectly.

  3. Thx guys, glad you liked it. Really liked the classic Dragon Ogre as well, and really wanted to put it to good use.

  4. Great execution of Tzeentch weirdness (may Sigmar save us and send these Daemons back through their accursed gates !)

    Sigmar "Yo, somebody call me ?"

    Nice work SC (btw, I hope you're a member of the Battle Reporter forum ?! we're always after cool hammerers like yourself - for ritual sacrifice of course !)

  5. Haha, good one :D Yeah I'm a member all right. Not been making much noise over there yet though, haven't had much time for any forum actually. I really like it though so will try to get better and actually post there as well.


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