Monday, 2 May 2016

Miniature Monday: War Altar of Sigmar

I've decided I wanted some Devoted of Sigmar in to accompany my Stormcast Eternals. And now I finally my converted War Altar, but I did a little more than just rebasing of this model.

You can see how it looked before here. And even if I liked how it looked before It didn't work as good with my Lions of Sigmar Stormcast. It was purple but the wrong tint of purple. So I redid all this on both the flagellants and the wagon.

The Arch Lector was before a High Priest of Morr, but since the End Times Morr is no more. I didn't want to change it altogether, I like the statue, the roses etc. but the High Priest looked a little out of place. So I changed him into Death Mage and put the original Arch Lector on top of the War Altar instead. So I painted him up in matching colors, did some more touch ups etc. and here is the final result. 

Liked how it turned out, and the model looks so much nicer on a big oval base I must say. Please tell me what you think, and if anyone out there has tried it in AoS please tell me what you think about it.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The General’s Handbook - Three ways to play Age of Sigmar

Many of you have probably already heard of the announcement Games Workshop did on their Facebook page for Age of Sigmar. If not well, there's some big stuff coming this summer for AoS and the name of it is The Generals Handbook, the greatest thing about this book is that it's introducing three ways of playing AoS.

Not only that, GW also talked to some of the biggest AoS/WHFB tournament organizers to make this as good as they could possibly do. And earlier today three of my absolute favorite podcasts released an collaboration episode where they talk about what happened when they where invited to Games Workshop HQ to get behind the scenes and check this out.

Here's some short notes about what it is from Ben Curry over at Bad Dice Podcast
  • First thing, its a book and will be release in the summer.
  • There are 5 new campaigns including path to glory,
  • 22 new battle plans from small games all the way up to epic battles between the games biggest characters.
  • 6 new ‘Pitched Battle’ scenarios
  • Multi-player and team play and of course,
  • full points values for every Warscroll in Age of Sigmar.
For more info about this I highly recommend checking out the podcast episode from any of three involved, which is Heelanhammer, Bad Dice or FaceHammer.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Miniature Monday: Devoted of Sigmar

Just a quick post today. Iv'e decided to rebase most of my Empire army to incorporate into my Forces of Order in AoS. And I'm starting with the Devoted of Sigmar.

So I painted up a new warrior priest, and repainted and rebased the first of my Flagellants.

The pics aren't great but I like how it turned out, and I like how it looks with my Stormcast Eternals. What do you think?

Monday, 11 April 2016

Miniature Monday: Chaos Chimera

For this Miniature Monday I finally decided to rebase my Chimera for AoS. I did some of my 'magical stuff' flowing, some stone, snow to match the rest of my Tzeentch army. I also decided to try out my new stencils from the recent kickstarter by Anarchy Models. I used the HS-29 Creature Feautures - Reptilian. I messed it up somewhat so the effect didn't show as I wanted. But it was my first try and I think the wings look more organic and better now.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Celestant-Prime Finished

Hi there folks, have been painting like crazy for some time now and all that time I have put into this model... the Celestant-Prime.

I must confess I was actually quite intimidated and excited at the same time before I decided to paint this model up. It's a really beautiful model first of all, with a lot of details everywhere. Also it's that kind of model that don't take kindly to mistakes therefor I painted this one in many different parts before assembling it all together.

It was intimidating also because I knew this was a model I wanted to do the very best of my abilities when it comes to painting.

So I'm very happy to say that this model is probably the best paintjob Iv'e ever done and I have used pretty much all of the knowledge I have into this model. I think it paid of and I'm proud of how it turned out in the end.

Hope you like it too, now I'm off to paint up some more of the grunts for my Stormcast force.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Minature Monday: Stormcast Eternals Starter Set finished

Hey there, this will be my biggest Miniature Monday so far. It's actually not one, but two new units that is finished and that concludes the whole Stormcast Eternals part of the AoS Starter Set finished. I know I know, some guys finished it in a week. But I'm a slow painter, and I might have done some other bits and bobs in the meantime.

Anyway, glad it's finished and I must say I really like the look of it. Currently painting my Celestant-Prime and I have more reinforcements to the army. Will also buy some of the newest kits, dracoth cav riders looks awesome.

Next up is my second unit of Liberators. I will add more models to both units so they get their big weapons as well.

And I also finished my Prosecutors, damn hard to get good pictures of a whole unit of these, so I took a couple. Like how they turned out though and will add a second unit of these from the starter set.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Miniature Monday: Chaos Knight of Tzeentch

I will not repeat that it was a long time since I posted last time and that I will post more in the future. But.... I think I will this time :P

Anyway, have been painting on this guy, then left him, painted a little more, then left and.... now he is finished!

It's the first of ten (hopefully) Chaos Knights for my Tzeentch warband, or Tzeentch Arcanites/Slaves to Darkness or whatever. Here he is, I will probably continue with this armor for my Tzeentch, what do you think about it?

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