Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Recap of 2016 and Hobby Resolution 2017

For the people who have followed this blog for while may have noticed that I have posted much less content this year to prior years. 2016 was a rough year for me personally, and I won't get into details but things is slowly progressing for the better.

Posting on the blog haven't been a priority though, even if I wanted to post a lot more and do other things to the blog I just didn't had the energy.

I did have energy for the hobby though, and I have painted quite a lot the last year. Maybe not as much models as before, but bigger models, and I have really taken the next step with my painting as well. 

Recap 2016

Chaos, Free Peoples and Destruction

I have been rebasing and repainted a lot. Most of my Chaos stuff is rebased and repainted where I thought that was needed. I started to rebase and repaint my Empire army as well, but it takes some time, I really like the result though so will continue doing this as an sideproject. I also painted up a model that was unfinished since 8th, the Celestial Hurricanum, I dread the thought of painting up another one from this kit but I would like to have an Luminark of Hysh. In the later months of the year I also started to rebase my Destruction force and an extensive repainting here as well as I change the colorscheme altogether. I will add to this force when I'm bored with my other stuff.

Stormcast Eternals

My main force is my Stormcast Eternals and I did get quite a lot of them painted last year. I want to be able to field the Warrior Brotherhood and Skyborne Slayers battalions and I have all the models I need. So will paint these up and I'm also working on my Stormcast Extremis.

I will do a another more detailed post about this army though, and this is the army I want to be as complete as possible in 2017.


I painted a few pieces of terrain for AoS as well last year, will add to this but I have a quite nice board and terrain right now so will just add to it for more variation and because it's fun to paint. 

Hobby highlights of 2016

My best model painting wise was by far my Celestant-Prime, it took a lot of time to paint. But it was all worth it in the end, such a nice model and I'm super happy with the result.

I love that this model is finished, Iv'e had it since it's release but after I finished the War Altar and the knowing of how long this kit takes to paint I never got to finish this one. But last year I decided to finish it. It's a REALLY time consuming model to paint and with so many sub assemblies that I some times thought it will never be finished. But I did! and I really like the end result and it mixes in well with the rest of my Order force.

I know how I want to paint my destruction force! This is a side project for now though, but it was really fun to paint up something different from my Order armies.

Hobby Resolutions 2017

So what to do in 2017? Well I think there will be plenty of stuff to do for me hobby wise. I will as the last two years focus on Age of Sigmar, now I'm even playing it more and will hopefully continue playing even more games in 2017.

When it comes to armies, my Nr 1 priority for this year is to finish most of my Stormcasts, I want to field two solid formations in Skyborne Slayers and Warrior Brotherhood, and bring in other stuff for variation, mainly my Extremis Chamber stuff.

I will start a Disciples of Tzeentch army, hopefully I can use the Tzeentch stuff I already got as a good base. And then add all the new stuff with Tzaangors and Kairic Acolytes. Really looking forward to this.

All the rest will be smaller sideprojects, Silver Tower goes with the DoT stuff, I will do some more Destruction stuff and maybe even some Warzone: Resurrection models.

That's my plan for 2017 and it may of course change, but I think I can stick to it.

My Tzeentch force will get some more friends 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Tzeentch pictures from Jan 17 White Dwarf!

Just got my latest issue of White Dwarf today, and there's a lot of Tzeentch goodies in there. Just the first couple of releases so far but also a lot of info about the new Faction for Age of Sigmar. Thought I'd share the pictures from all the Tzeentch stuff, hopefully this gets you as excited as I am.

Really decent prize tags!

We see some Tzaangor Skyfires as well

Fighting against Free Guild and Devoted of Sigmar

Cool art of the Kairic Acolytes

Lovely artwork here! And we are seeing classic dwarfs..ehm Duardin which looks like Ironbreakers and even Gyrocopters.

A lot of options for the Tzaangor, including a banner which isn't that common in newer AoS kits.

Lovely artwork, left one is a Silver Tower.

Back of the magazine shows an Tzeentch army in all it's glory. Added Slaves to Darkness units as well!

Monday, 19 December 2016

Miniature Monday: Lord-Celestant on Dracoth

Just a quick update today. This is my first Lord-Celestant on a Dracoth and I currently painting up another one (together with a lot of other stuff). But the first dude that came in the starter box didn't have a Thunder Shield, and now they have these awesome shields. So I needed to do add one to this dude as well, and the model looks even better now!

Sorry for the small update but didn't have much else that is finished, but working hard on my Fulminators at the moment.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Miniature Monday: Moonclan Grots

Something else than Stormcast this Monday, Iv'e started a small project of repainting and rebasing my Orcs and Goblins, now Orruks and Grots in AoS. I went with black and orange as a colour scheme and I really like how these little fellas turned out. 

It was fun to paint something else than Stormcast armour for a while as well but I will come back to them really soon. But for now here's the first ten Moonclan Grots.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Unboxing/Review: Blood Bowl

A lot of people have been waiting for the resurrection of this game for a long time. Myself actually have never played the old versions of the game. I have only been playing Blood Bowl 1 and 2 on the PC/Ps4. But I was really happy when GW announced they are doing a new version of the game, and it's one of those games that have a really devoted fans even though GW haven't supported the game in such a long time, many player still played the game and big tournaments was held just for Blood Bowl.

So it's nice and welcome move on GW's part that they bring us new versions of these classic games. So I was very eager to see how contents of the box was, so here's my unboxing/mini-review.

The bow is sturdy as the other GW game boxes and with beutiful artwork and crammed with stuff, one nice thing is that the sprues are in different colors which doesn't make it as important (still important in opinion) that they are painted because you can still see easily which team is which.

There are two of the same sprues for each time, which gives you duplicates. That is not a huge deal though in my opinion. The colored hard plastic is nice and there are not a lot of cleaning to do on the models, but they still take some time to assemble even though there's just three parts on each model.

The details are really nice on both the Human and Orc teams. and especially the Orcs could work great to make into Orruks in Age of Sigmar. I had some spikes and fingers which was damaged though, but It is quite easy to fix.

Here's the other stuff you get in the box, Pass, Scatter and Throw-in Templates with really nice details as well. And then we have all the dice you need as well as bases (which have holes in them to put the ball in) you also get decals for both teams and plastic bags to put your dice and cards in. As a bonus you get a 50% off coupon on Blood Bowl 2 on Steam which is a really nice deal, I already have it though.

Two Reference sheets are also included in the box for easy check how you play the game.  

Then we have the rulebook, which is nicely laid out and really
 what you have come to expect from a Game Workshop product. It's 56 pages long and that is including the rules, a Team roster, the 'World of Blood Bowl' describing the history and then a couple of  pages showing you how too assemble the models and how you can paint them up. There's some nice artwork in there but not much pictures of painted models, Me as an hobbyist first and foremost  would have liked too see some more pictures showing different team colours.

One fun thing though is that you get some some fun and short comments here and there from the famous commentator duo of Jim and Bob.

Then we of course have the pitch, one for the Human team on one side and for the Orcs on the other. We also get two double sided team dugouts for each pitch and this is where you place your KO'ed and injured players. I really like the details on all these and that both variants are so different, really makes me hope for some expansions in the future to get other cool ones.

We also get the cards of course, player cards including Starplayers, Griff Oberwald, Mighty Zug and Morg 'n' Thorg the Ogre. You get two types of Special Cards as well called 'Miscellaneous Mayhem' and 'Random Events' too spice things up in the game. 

Here's the assembled Human team.with tokens and balls. 

And the sam for the Orc team of course. 

For last a picture of the nice details of the templates in the box.
I haven't got a game in yet, but the rules is pretty much the old ones with some fixes so I have no doubt me and my opponent will have a good time.

All in all I'm really happy with the content, the details of the miniatures are really great, nice artwork and overal good quality on everything. If I have one little complaint it is that I would have liked too have some more pictures of painted models or at least some guide on different teams and how their uniforms look. But I'm sure there's a lot of stuff on the interwebz which can help me out on how I want to paint up my teams.

So both thumbs up for this game and I hope to get a game in soon!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hobby Update: Blood Bowl and more!

Received some great stuff today! The Blood Bowl box, the Skaven team and Death Zone Season One! I must start to get my stuff together and post more on the blog. So I will be doing Unboxings/Reviews again and starting with this stuff (even if you probably have seen it many times before). That will probably be posted tomorrow though and this post is more about what I'm doing hobbywise at the moment and my thinking is that this will be a regular update each week.

Sorry for the bad picture here, just wanted to share how my Lions of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals are doing, it is growing but more is coming, Fulminators, more Judicators a Knight-Venator and a Stardrake. And then I will buy more stuff to buff out the Paladin units, as I want ten of each kind I also want one or more units Prosecutors and a Knight-Azyros so I can field the Warrior Brotherhood battalion.

I will also try too build some more on my Chaos army and more precise my Tzeentch. Hopefully we will get an Battletome some time next year so I want to be ready for it. This will be my second AoS army and after that I will also do some Destruction. All I need is more time!!

As seen on the pictures above my hobby room is in chaos right now, with a lot of projects at the same time. But it's fun and I have been quite good at painting my Stormcasts and not being too distracted by all the other things. It's getting really hard now though with Blood Bowl and everything.

I also got some more stuff today, the new texture paints. Will be doing some experimenting with these as I have used the old ones quite a lot. And then give you a small review. That's it for now. Please tell me if these kind of posts is interesting to read at all. At least it's good for my as I can see how good I am at keeping to one project at a time (will never happen fully but I try)
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