Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Brotherhood Sacred Warriors

Dedicated solely to fighting the forces of the Dark Soul, Sacred Warriors hold no fear of death. They live in cloistered isolation and rarely mix with outsiders. Those hours not spent training to the very highest possible levels of martial skill are devoted to studying the Word, prayer, meditation and adoration of the Cardinal. The result is a cadre of warrior-monks utterly dedicated to their mission of confronting the Darkness wherever it may be found.

Flavour text from the Prodos Shop

Classic cover art from Studio Parente

Another unboxing, and this time it's the updated versions of the Sacred Warriors. I don't have any of the Kickstarter version so can't compare them unfortunately. But from what Iv'e heard these new ones are much better than the old ones, easier to put together, sturdier swords etc. So on to the unboxing.

All the stuff you get in the box, note that the building instructions are for the old models

A closer look on the miniatures, as you can see four parts per model.

Really nice details and design

One stat card, two strategy cards, two tactical cards and my favorite of the bunch the gear card Shield of Light.

I haven't glued on the shields on some of them to make it easier to paint them. I had to straighten the swords a little in hot water but it was really easy to do. All in all really nice looking miniatures with just a few moldlines.


All in all a great kit, really nice looking miniatures and easy to assemble. As torsos and legs are together you are a little limited when it comes to poses. But the minis themselves are so dynamic I don't think this is a big problem at all.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

News: Prodos shows more new kits for Warzone: Resurrection

Oh my god it will be a expensive time for me... again! I have already showed you the new Bauhaus starter but that is not all, Prodos also releases new Venusian Rangers for Bauhaus and new Mirrormen for Cybertronic. So as soon as these, and the Bauhaus starter is released I will make an order.

And then we have all that WH Fantasy Chaos stuff I also want, oh dear. But here's the pics.

Already have ten of the old KS, but I will get at least five more of the Venusian Rangers. Also nice with a token for their ability to put out mines on the battlefield. Hope to see more Tokens in the future.  

Have ten of the KS versions for these as well but these new ones are a HUGE improvement so I have to get more of them. 

A new pic that clearly shows the new Bauhaus starter, me want!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Miniature Monday: Space Marine Land Raider

First 40k model showed on this blog for ages it feels. And well this one isn't completely new, I painted this one in 2010 (!?). I never went up on the blog it seems though as I never got a really good picture of it.

Well I did some repainting and foremost did a lot of weathering on it, adding a lot of weathering powders (I used Kromlech Dark Dirt and Soot Black) and some Citadel Typhus Corrosion.

And below is the result, it looks more authentic now and a LOT dirtier. Might do some more changes to it, but this will have to do for now. Will actually do some more Wh40 stuff, but mostly repaints like this one for my Guardians of the Covenant as I got a little morale boost for this army when the author of 'The Dark Fortress' (a Dark Angel fansite) asked if he could put my pictures up on his site, which I gladly accepted of course. Check that the page with my GotC stuff here.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

News: A new Bauhaus starter!

Prodos Games has hinted it a long time now but now we can finally see how it looks, the new Bauhaus starter.

You still get ten Hussars which is tweaked and upgraded versions of the KS models (like they did for for the Cybertronic and Brotherhood starters) but still maintain the style with the old ones so they don't look odd together. It also comes with the new Vulcan, and a new model from the newest 'Heroes of the Solar system' a Marshal (or can be used as a Kapitan). I completely love how this model looks and is a homage to the old classic Bonner Bauhaus art. 

Will buy this one as soon as it is released among with some more goodies :) 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Miniature Monday: Empire Crossbowmen

I'm painting a lot of different stuff right now and among them are some backlog projects for my Empire army. Like this Crossbowmen unit, it needed one more model and some touch ups on the rest to make them look nice with the rest of the army. So I did and a magnatized unit tray as well so here's the result.

A nice unit tray makes the whole unit look much better, and a lot easier to move around when you play. 

Still love to paint my Empire in Ostermark colors. 

The last dude had to stand a little taller because the unit is hard to rank up otherwise. 

Have some more backlog projects for my Empire, next up is a Handgunners unit. My Hurricanum and try to finish my Greatswords unit and Knights of the Black Rose unit. 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Bauhaus Juggernauts

Unboxing time again, now it's the new (after the the first Kickstarter versions) Juggernauts for the Bauhaus Mega Corporation in Warzone: Resurrection. 

Here's what you get (no box as this is still KS version and not normal retail)

Nice and crisp details as always on the new Prodos models. 

Other side, still not a huge fan of the helmets but they work with some modifications *hint*

You get six cards, and some quite usefull as well. Oxygen Bomb can be really naughty in the right circumstances. 

Here is some built models, really easy do build but you don't get a huge variety as you only have the arms really to do something with.  

This is a late unboxing so I have already built, converted (the spikes on the helmets) and painted three of them.  A treat to paint up actually and I really like how they turned out as well. 
All in all a small box with three models that you can't do much with in terms of poses and different looks. You do however get high quality models when it comes to detail and design, for me the added spikes did a lot. Still not a huge fan of the helmets but I do really like the models as a whole and they where fun to paint up.

Can't compare it to the old KS versions as I didn't get any (got these instead) I'm a afraid but as I said this new kit is really nice, and they are good in game as well so if you're a Bauhaus player go out and get these. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

Miniature Monday: Dwarf Cannon

Yes, the artillery battery is getting a little bigger with an addition of the trusty old Cannon. I repainted this one quite heavily to match how my Dwarfs of Karak Eight Peaks looks and I'm still really happy with how this color scheme is turning out. Although black is a tricky color to have as one of your main colors because there's so much other stuff that is black and you don't want that to disappear with the rest of the black. 

Anyway, here it is, the new Cannon (which is actually the old metal cannon).

My "big" artillery battery

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