Monday, 21 April 2014

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Greyhound

With the recent retail packaging of WZ:R miniatures I thought it could be nice to have some unboxing blog posts now when they actually come in boxes. All of the first batch of these is the stuff I bought at Gothcon and first up is the Imperial Greyhound Tankette. I will also get a second one of these from the Imperial starter when I get my Prodos Web order.

So this is how the boxes look like for all the WZ:R stuff so far accept the Starter boxes. It's nice and bog clampacks which actually are easy to open up and and then re close. Really nice artwork and design on the front as well. 

When we open the we can see the actual model in two pieces and the base. At the back of the front cover we get an instruction how to build it (not that complicated in this case :P ) There's also website addresses to both the Prodos shop and Warzone game webpage.

We get six cards as well in the box, five for advanced games card decks and one unit description card and these are bloody awesome. It makes it so much easier to have all the cards on the board and just look at them when looking up what RS your unit has for example, instead of flicking trough your rulebook all the time.

With just two parts the Tankette weren't to hard assemble. I haven't cleaned this model at accept where I cut it off the the sprue. So you can see ther's hardly any moldlines ore defects at all. And the detail is just stunning, the miniatures Prodos have done before in the Kickstarter is something of the best Iv'e seen but these new stuff they are producing is taking it one step further and is looking really amazing.

I wasn't sure about an Tankette for Imperial but now when I have it and have seen in in the flesh I must say I really like the look of it. Also, hearing war stories about the wreaking havoc in the enemy lines doesn't make less cool either. Watch out for more unboxings soon!

If you want to see more Warzone unboxings visit GMorts Chaotica blog, where he has many really nice and detailed unboxings of all the Starter sets and more. Well worth a look!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

First game of Warzone: Resurrection at Gothcon

So I made it to Gothcon yesterday and of course visited Prodos Games. There we met Rob from Prodos and my friend Sebastian from the Moonshriek blog who also helped the Prodos guys out. All of them where really friendly and helpful (both the Prodos guys and the volunteers who helped them out at the con).

Me and my friends played our first game of Warzone: Resurrection and it was really awesome and fun, won't go into detail but we did a game with my Dark Legion Starter with Alakhai, 5 x 2 Undead Legionnairs w/ 4x Valchek HMG's and one Razide with a Plaguedealer. I also was able to borrow another Razide to make them game more balanced points wise.

I controlled the Dark Legion against my Brother who played with my Bauhaus Starter set with Angelika Drachen, 5 x 2 Hussars w/ 1 LMG and 1 Rocket Launcher and one Vulcan Battlesuit.

Because the forces where so small we skipped a main scenario and instead went with an secondary mission called Ammo Dump. The battle was brutal with me killing Angelika second turned with combined fire of one Razide and a squad of Legionnaries. Bauhaus retaliated and killed the Razide and some Legionnaries.

The one decisive thing that happened in turn two was when my second Razide miraculously survied a boosted salvo from the Vulcans HMG because of me making two Heal rolls (1 and 2 on a D20). Because of this the Razide could take the objective in the next turn and win the game.

We learned a lot about the game and the basic rules, and we all really liked how the game plays. Fast, brutal, strategic but easy to learn rules.

Prodos had a lot of stuff with them to sell as well and I think it went really well, a lot of people bought stuff and the Imperial Starter was sold out since the day before. Which meant I need to wait for my order to arrive instead (One Imperial Starter, one box of Golden Lions, Valpurgius and one Hurricane walker). I did however get another really awesome deal instead, two boxes of Blood Berets, one Commander Rist and one Greyhound Tankette for 400 Sek (means I got the Tankette for almost free) It didn't stop there, I loved the Razides so much in my game I bought another one and some more stuff including one more box Golden Lions, CC weapons pack for the Blood Berets and Imperial Objective Markers.

So all in all a great day, got some new shiny plastic soldiers and a great game with friends. Big thanks to Prodos and to all who contributed with boards and terrain and what not. I want to especially thank Sebastian and Rob and all other who helped us out with the game and rules (didn't catch your names though, sorry!). Hope to see this on Gothcon next year as well, if they do I will definitely be there.

Borrowed picture from Moonshriek blog

Borrowed picture from Moonshriek blog

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

News: Artwork for the new Wood Elves book?

Okey first of all rumours are suggesting that the new Wood Elves armybook will arrive in May so not far off at all. I was browsing Warseer just now and fell over two pictures showing artwork from an artist's blog showing us a battlescene with Wood Elves engaging some Empire Halberdiers. Really cool looking and if this is legit and is showing us anything on how the new Wood Elves will look, WE players are in for a treat in my opinion.

Really cool Treeman in the background, Stag riding wood elves I like it!

Pictures from

Monday, 14 April 2014

Miniature Monday: Warzone Alakhai the Cunning

It is said of the Nepharite Overlord Alakhai the Cunning that he was first of his kind that Mankind set eyes upon; that in doing so Humanity knew fear as it had never before experienced in any war that was ever raged throughout its turbulent history.

The leader and Warlord in the Dark Legion starter set is finished, and what a nice model to paint I must say. Beforehand I wasn't so sure about this model but when I painted him up I do really like the design. The great thing with all the Nepharites is that all of them have their own unique look and history, so each of them will be an totally new painting experience which I really looking forward too. 

Anyway, here's the pictures. And now I only have to finish painting up five Legionnaires for the convention :O

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Bauhaus Starter Set painted and finished!

The first goal before Gothcon is to finish my Bauhaus starter set. And now it is finally completed! Now I only have one week to go and on that time I want to finish paint up Alakhai and five Undead Legionnaries, and If I do this and have some spare time I want to do Angelika's Distortion Device and my Bauhaus objective counters. Dunno if I will make it but I will try.

Anyway, glad I at least finished this set, and I really like the look of them all together I must say. Can't wait until I can paint up some more Venusian Rangers and Max Steiner, and then some Etoles Mortant to really grow this army. (and the Grizzly tank when that arrives as well!)

Friday, 11 April 2014

Warzone: Imperial release and PDF rules!

We have seen the new Imperial models for some time know, I just haven't had time to write about it until now. The other day we also got the first PDF rules for the Imperial models that is going to be released the 12th of April on Salute. I won't be there but I have pre ordered the stuff that we can pre order at the moment on the new Prodos Shop site. I bought one Imperial Starter, one box of Golden Lions and one Hurricane Walker. I also bought wound counters and the new Valpurgius model. The Blood Berets and Commander model isn't up for pre order yet so I have to wait a little to get them.

Here's some pictures of the stuff I ordered and you can find the PDF rules (with fluff as well!) for Imperial at;

Love the look and feel of the new PDF rules for Imperial

Monday, 7 April 2014

Miniature Monday: Warzone Hussar Squad Leader

I was working on my Dwarf Gyrocopter and thought I would show you that one this Mini Monday. But as I want to attend Gothcon in ten days I need to finish two of my Warzone starters so the work on that one had to halt.

Instead I have this mission, ten days to complete:

5 Bauhaus Hussars
5 Dark Legion Undead Legionnaires
1 Alakai the Cunning

Bonus if I can complete these reasonably fast:

4 Bauhaus Venusian Rangers

So not an impossible mission to accomplish I might even get to the Bonus objective but I seriously doubt I will have them finished as well.

So the Miniature Monday for today is the first of the last five Hussars, a squad commander. I made some stripes on the sides of the shoulder pads to show his rank, what do you think?

First WZ:R model I did some small conversions on, I made the remote/sensor/gps/walkietalkie thingie with a small resin part and some green stuff and just re arranged the arms a little. 

The last four Hussars, not that much to do on them luckily or I would never make the deadline.

The painted WZ:R collection so far, this will be much bigger by the end of the year. 
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