Thursday, 2 July 2015

News: Age of Sigmar - More leaked pictures, info about the new world and more

Still much to process about this new game as we get more and more info. Here's more about the new world and the realms. We also can see Warscrolls Battalions, which looks like something similar to formations in 40k.

Also the new names on the races which has been rumored looks to be true. All pics and info below comes from @Lady_Atia, big thanks to her for all this info and pictures.

We have the these "factions"

Order - Death - Chaos - Destruction

Order faction: Stormcast Eternals, Duardin, Red Slayers, Aelfs, Seraphon

Forces of Destruction: Ogors, Orruks, Grots

Nagash is still there

Sigmar - the God-King and Ruler of the Heavens. His armies of Stormcast Eternals strike out to reclaim the lands ...

The steamhead duardin are a grim folk, yet sturdy allies. The red slayers, are looked upon less, for their help can only be secured by gold.

The aelf forces are more wayward still - they prove deadly when they march out of their hidden strongpoints, yet none can predict when ...

Most enigmatic of all are the seraphon - reptilian warriors that appear out of nowhere to join the battle against Chaos.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

News: Many new Age of Sigmar pictures - Warscrolls and more!

New pictures from White Dwarf, among them the new Warscrolls and how they work!

Pictures via @Lady_Atia on Twitter where you will find even more pics.

Sorry for the quality on some of these, can't make them better. Will be posting new ones as soon as I find any.

News: Age of Sigmar rules leaked + more info

The rules is as simple as the rumors has said, some page with easy and short texts describing every aspect of the game of 'Age of Sigmar', this is of course the basics of the new Warhammer but we might see more advanced rules later, or not.

Here's also some info regarding the boxed game and more, all via Bell of Lost Souls

Ok, first some basics on the set:
Price: $125
Rules : Included in box + Free Download
Backwards Compatability: 100%, rules for EVERY EXISTING WFB mini will be provided.
Box contents:
  • 47 plastic miniatures – 18 Stormcast Eternals and 29 Warriors of Khorne.
  • A 96-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar background book – exclusive to the box set.
  • A 4 page rules sheet.
  • 12 dice, 2 range rules and 2 transfer sheets.
Now the New rules items:
Via Dr. Caligari 6-29-2015
White Dwarf
– WD 75 WILL include a free Stormcast Eternal.
– WD 75 will include all four pages of AoS rules in it.
– There are no point values in Age of Sigmar.
– All units will be represented by warscrolls.
– If your side is severely outnumbered, there are several “Sudden Death” objective you can pick from that success will result in your victory.
– Warscrolls have all the rules for the models with them.
– New models will come with warscrolls in their boxes.
– Army books are gone.
– Bases will not matter.
– Measurement is based on closest point of the models. (So yes, a sword that thrusts well past your base is where you’ll be measuring from.)

Pictures of the rules comes from here:

Saturday, 27 June 2015

News: More Age of Sigmar pictures!

Some more Age of Sigmar pictures is showing up, these are via The One Harlequin Troupe
Tumblr page.

The more I look at the new 'Empire' models the more I dislike the their helmets, It's just to similar to the Sanguinary Guard death masks, and to be honest I never liked those very much. Dunno why GW didn't just went with more Knightlike helmets instead, that way they would at least resemble the old Empire knights a little. As they are now, they don't look like anything from the Old World. which is a shame.  

Friday, 26 June 2015

News: First pics of the new Age of Sigmar models are here!

At last, pictures of the new models. I'm stunned, gorgeous models! I got these via @firstautarch at twitter.

Update: So after I have been looking more on these guys I'm a little bit torn. First of all, I love the new models. Both the Sigmarines (this name is spot on) and the Chaos forces of Khorne, but they do look much more like 40k than Warhammer Fantasy to be honest. I thought this was the way GW would go though in terms of looks for the "Empire" or Warriors of Sigmar or whatever they are called. And I do think the round bases is tricking our eyes a lot, not just used to it on Fantasy models. They do however also look much similar to Sanguinary guard of the Blood Angels, but a lot because of the paintjob I think.

So I think we all have to get used to this new Warhammer, but I for one will definitely be buying this Starter box with all these goodies, that's for sure. My old models will stay on squares and be used for 'Warhammer Classic' battles instead, the models just look to much different, at least for the Empire/Humans.

So what does it look like we are getting here then?

Forces of Sigmar

1 Hero on and Demigryph looking monster (this one looks so nice, love it)
1 BSB with and large Icon of Sigmar? (hard to see on the picture but he does look a little sinister)
2 x 5 Soldiers with hammer and shields (basic Sigmarines on 32mm round bases?)
3 Solders with 2-H hammers
3 Soldiers with wings (The wings looks mechanical but it's hard to tell)

Warriors of Khorne

1 Hero on large base (Can't tell the size of the base here, 40 mm?)
1 BSB with a large Icon of Khorne
2 x 10 Lightly armored Warriors/Marauders? (it looks like one of the groups have command as well)
5 Heavily armored Warriors/Chosen? with axes
1 Beast on an oval base and handler on a separate round base (feels a little like an Helbrute for Fantasy)

I'm still a little chocked by all this to be honest. Eager to see more and hear more about the rules. 

Age of Sigmar: Latest rumors

We grab at every little bit of info now because we still don't know much about Age of Sigmar/9th ed or not etc.

Don't have anything new I'm afraid but here are the latest stuff,

Age of Sigmar box contents

via Steve the Warboss
1x Empire General on Griffin
5x Knights of Sigmar
10x State Troops with Spears
10x State Troops with Muskets

1x Lord of Khorne on Daemonsteed
5x Chaos Knights
10x Chaos Warriors

-No small Rulebook
-Full rules for all Models
-Small Intro of the Fluff (Humans only)
-5 Scenarios to introduce Players
-Text is very childfriendly writen

This rumour don't sound too off contentwise, but could be just an educated guess from Steve (someone among the rumormongers that is much of a hit or miss when coming to rumors if I recall it correctly) 

Next one is from Faet212.

We have some solid information now that looks like it was accidentally put onto the German Games Workshop website. The best part is that we have the screenshots that reveal that the Age of Sigmar will come with Free Rules.

I have checked the website, and this is no longer there, or at least that I could find.

Please take this as a rumor right now, until at least someone can either find it or verify it. I have closely checked the images and the site, and it all seems to line up.

The page reads like this......
"Contained within this free download is the core ruleset needed in order to begin your own adventures within the Age of Sigmar. This four-page PDF is yours to keep, print out and play with, and when combined with a Warscroll Compendium or two-available below, also totally free- is everything you need to know. Grab it, read it, and begin playing right away!"

Here are the images sent in by a reader on Faeit 212
A member of our gaming group send a screengrab of the German webstore with
a pod of Macragge Blue labled as Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Rules (PDF).

Pictures found here.

This sounds plausible as well, GW want's as many people as possible to try out the new game, free rules is great for that. They can bring out a nice Rulebook, with more fluff, scenarios etc. and people can buy that if they want (and if people get's into the game most probably will) or just play with the free rules. This isn't something totally new to GW, they had all the specialist games rule books in free pdfs for a long time, like Mordheim and Inquisitor, but those where on the other hand dead games.

That's it for now, if anyone know more any more rumors please share in the comments, I'm very interested in everything 'Age of Sigmar' right now. 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

News: Age of Sigmar in the next White Dwarf (pictures)

Nothing new really when it comes to pictures of models so far but hey, it's a life sign from Warhammer in White Dwarf.

Pics is from Captain Citadel over at this thread on Spikey Bits forum.


Interersting bit, The lightning strikes, that is probably Sigmar who now is the Incarnate of Heavens and can shoot lightning and stuff. The rule of Chaos breaks, this probably tells us Chaos is not as dominant as it has been in Warhammer World. I think this is great, I'm a little tired of the world is going under soon doom and gloom ala Sauron of LOTR, they should still be a huge threat of course but not as prominent I think. The Age of Sigmar begins! Well, we all know it, not just really what it means. Hopefully more info soon.

Sadly not a lot of info about Age of Sigmar.... yet. Here's mostly of what has been and not so much what to come, but I think we will see a lot more of that in the next issue... and 4th of July is soon here.  
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