Saturday, 29 August 2015

Warzone: Resurrection - Two new limited edition books

Prodos Games announced two limited edition books yesterday, one is for about the Imperial Corporation is on 84 pages in full color. Of course you will have all the rules in there as well as background, new artwork etc. You can find it here. There is just 132 copies left when I checked one minute ago, so if you want one you better get it asap!

The other one is Heroes of the Solar System, which is the same as the PDF with rules to customize your heroes as well as rules for new units for all the Corporations and Dark Legion. This is book is 40 pages and in full color as expected, you get new artwork and fiction in this book, not sure if there is any new rules apart from the ones in the PDF though. This book is also Limited Edition, and only 145 copies left last time I checked. You can find the book here.

I have ordered both of them already of course, together with some new models for Imperial and Dark Legion.

Imperial Life Dragoons looks just like they should, totally awesome models!
Also purchased the imposing Praetorian Goliath, and his little....
friend, the Imp!
That's it for now, both books arrives end of September so looking forward reading the books and put together the models.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

TRANSFORMERS: Devastation - Playable Character Features | PS4, PS3

Not wargaming related, but game related atleast. Just had to share this, this game looks amazing and really fun! Also cool to see the original Generation 1 Transformers in a videogame

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

News: Games Workshop to come out with Airbrush paints

We have heard the rumors, and GW is finally getting their own Airbrush paint range. But.... just as with the Forgeworld Airbrush paints they are still not in dropper bottles. Crazy! I have a lot of Vallejo Air and Game Air and really like them, nice consistency and you don't have to dilute them just drop it into your airbrush and go.

Hopefully the GW colors will be the same, well accept the fact that you can't just drop into your Airbrush, you must either use an pipette or an brush to get it in. Why?!? In my mind dropper bottles are superior in every single way, and for Airbrush paints a nobrainer. Well well at least we have the alternative now.

I often use GW paints in my airbrush but I need to dilute a lot at least the new paints saves us that step.

Picture is from Plastic Krak.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Miniature Monday: Stormcast Eternals Lord-Celestant on Dracoth

The Miniature Monday curse does it's job still... Well, for you who don't now, I often want to show a new finished model each Miniature Monday. Everything is done, then something happens. Computer crashes, I drop the model and his head fell of, suddenly you can't take decent pictures, kids can't sleep etc etc. Well this day was one of those, the battery in my camera went low, and I can't find my charger!

I took some pics before, they didn't get that great though so this one without full focus will have to do for today, promise to take more and better pictures tomorrow! If I can just find that damn battery charger....

News: Stormcast Eternals Celestant Prime pictures! Updated!

More stuff for the Stormcast Eternals, the Celestant Prime is even wielding the Ghal Maraz itself into battle, and would probably be a beast in combat (and from the looks of it he is probably some kind of spellcaster as well)

Awesome miniature, and I will love to paint these fella up. Even if this miniature is the most unique looking for the Stormcasts so far I still think they all look so similar. Would love them to get something else (normal humans maybe having some kind of warmachine or something). But other than that I really like the look of this one, a mini Sormcast version of Nagash.

Got these pics via Faet212 and Plastic Krak.

UPDATED! I also found the Warscroll for him, he not a wizard but have some quite interesting rules. Pic is further below. Via Atias War of Sigmar.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My Warriors of Chaos army - Last time on squares

This is sad and exciting at the same time, here are the last shots on my fully Warriors of Chaos before moving on to round and oval bases for Age of Sigmar.

It's sad because I have always loved how big blocks of troops looks, and I have to cut these up as I want to keep the actual terrain on the bases as much as possible.

But it's also exciting, I'm really digging AoS. I like the simple rules, the warscrolls and so on. If you don't? Well we all have different taste, but this is a resurrection for me and my closest friends who now actually want to get involved into the game and build their armies. This is the most important bit for me.

Also, as I rebasing my troops I will also touch up the paint jobs on some of them. Most of them look good as they are but some minor tweaks here and there as well as adding some extra details to the bases. Because now they are seen much more and often you get some extra room on the bases as well.

And before some of you yells, you don't need to rebase becasue you can use squares on AoS, as well as 8th, Ninth Age and whatever. You are totally right, I don't need to do it. But I will play much more AoS than 8th and I don't know If will ever play Ninth Age, or even KoW.

And while playing AoS on squares works fine, it does not look good aesthetically for me. And I think that all this jazz about measuring from the closest point of the model is just a transition phase, and we will see official base sizes on rounds and ovals in the future.

Also rounds have some advantages of squares in my mind. First, it frames individual models better. And second, a unit of five normal infantry for example didn't look like a full unit or take even an odd number like 7-8, 13-14, I hated when an rank wasn't complete. If you now field an unit of 13 models in a unit, it does look better and more like an full unit of models. It might be just me, but that's what I think. And third, you don't need to think about their poses so they can rank up. Love this.

Anyway, I'm slowly going to rebase these guys. So here's last pictures showing all of my painted WoC models on squares.

R.I.P Warhammer Fantasy.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Age of Sigmar: Lions of Sigmar Plog Part 1

So I figured I could do a painting log on the different projects I do currently. And the one thing that is keeping my hobby time occupied right now is my Stormcast Eternals from the AoS starter box.

As you can see in the title, I'm painting them up as Lions of Sigmar, but that is just luck really because I thought out this color scheme when I first saw the first leaked images of the Stormcast Eternals. I always liked painting purple and thought it would look nice with a bright bronze armor, also it's an little homage to my old Ostermark Empire army.

Anyway, if you have followed my blog in past you might already know Iv'e finished some miniatures, first five Liberators among with their pal from White Dwarf for a total of six Liberators. I then wanted to try out some airbrushing on the Prosecutor wings so finished one of them up as well. Right now I'm working on the Lord-Celestant, which is taking a lot of time for me to paint up, but I want him too look as good as possible as it's really an awesome looking centerpiece for the army.

If you want to know how I painted these, Iv'e made an tutorial on how I painted the Liberators, and those colors are used on all the army so far. Tutorial can be found here.

Here's how the small army looks at the moment, quite a lot more to do but it's nice to see they are shaping up. Also reinforcements are on the way, one box each of Judicators, Paladins, Liberators, Lord-Celestant on foot and one Lord-Castellant with his Gryphound. I also ordered the new books, and some of the nice terrain so looking forward to see all that when it arrives.

As you can see above I have come pretty far with the painting on my Lord-Celestant. Such an awesome model so want to take my time painting him up. Really fun so far painting him.

My six finished Liberators, the rest I'll save for last of the Stormcast Starter contents as I want to paint up the rest of the bunch first.

And here's my first finished Prosecutor. Happy with how it turned out and I will finish the rest of the unit as soon as the Lord-Celestant is done. 

That's all for now, I will try to update this as often as I can. As always comments are much appreciated. 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hobby Update: Terrain and more

Been doing a lot of work on my terrain lately, much of the terrain I had looked okey to begin with but wanted it to me more unified and look better together, especially for playing games for AoS.

That and the time I spent on painting my Stormcast Eternals have all taken my hobby time lately (accept some AoS games, Imperial Assault and Descent)

So here we are, will bring you an Stormcast Eternal update, next part of my AoS starter review and hopefully some more fully painted figs to show you all in the near future.

Just filling one of my quarters of the board with the latest terrain Iv'e finished.

A citadel wood, not finished, quite a lot of stuff to be done. Among them all the skulls and the the leafs, but looks really good already I think.

The large hill in the background and the smaller one in the foreground is an old Citadel kit, witch is quite nice, but's it's just grass and rocks basically. Adding the dirts and adding some other grass colors matching your board makes a lot! Looks really nice now. 

Old Citadel trees, just out them on a base so they don't fell off all the time. 

Some old terrain from Ziterdes, just added some additional sand/dirt and switched out some trees and added some darker grass. Nice stuff, might need some work but works out fine as it is right now. 

All the terrain I have been doing lately (including the quarter of the board all is standing on). Also added on this pic is my little brothers old Chaos shrine/rock thingy. Just touched it up a little and it's good to go.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Miniature Monday: Stormcast Eternals Prosecutor finished!

Not technically Monday still here in Sweden but I guess there's still Monday in other timezones so it still counts I think :P

Anyway, just finished my first Prosecutor for my Lions of Sigmar, fun to paint and I did some Airbrushing as well to get some blending on the wings and I'm really happy with the result. When the whole unit is done I think they will look awesome on the battlefield.

So here it is, hope you like it.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Tutorial - How to paint: Stormcast Eternals (Lions of Sigmar colors)

Stormcast Eternals is fun to paint, and quite easy as well as you don't need 100 different paints. You paint them up much similar to how you paint Space Marines, focus on the main color of the armor and then paint up the rest of the stuff.

So here's my tutorial on how I painted up my first unit of Liberators. And I painted these in the 'Lions of Sigmar' colors, so purple. Also I'm not a huge fan of golden armor, even though the new Citadel gold colors seem quite nice. So I went more of a bronze look instead, still shiny but more pale.

Colors I used:

Citadel - Base colors; Warplock Bronze, Rakarth Flesh, Screamer Pink, Mephiston Red, Mechanicus Standard Grey, Zandri Dust, Leadbelcher, The Fang. Layer colors; Evil Sunz Scarlet, Xereus Purple, Genestealer Purple, Ushabti Bone, Pallid Wych Flesh, Pink Horror Shade colors; Riekland Fleshshade, Druchii Violet, Agrax Earthshade, Carroburg Crimson Technical colors; Lahmian Medium Dry; Longbeard Grey

Army Painter - Shining Silver, Plate Mail Metal, Matt White, Matt Black, Weapon Bronze, Soft Tone Ink, Dark Tone Ink

Vallejo - Bright Bronze, Airbrush colors etc. Black Primer, Thinner

Step 1 - Armor

First up is the armor, I used an Airbrush (Harder & Steenbeck Evolution) for this, it makes it much quicker. Also I'm doing a method here that keeps some of the shadows, which comes natural as you layer on the first layers of paint.

I primed the models using Black Primer with my airbrush
I then painted them all with Warplock Bronze, also with an Airbrush. I had to dilute the paint with thinner to get the right consistency.
I then did the same thing with Weapons Bronze, and here's where I start to keep some the previous paint to get some natural shadows. I do this holding the airbrush in aprox 45 degree angle so most of the paint hits the top of the model. I also did this but keeping the angle even more with Bright Bronze.

I'm now done with the airbrush. Next step was to wash the models with Riekland Fleshshade.

I then go over the raised up and flat areas with Bright Bronze again, being careful not to get into the recesses or where the 'shadows' are. I do however do some edge highlights in the darkest areas to blend it together.
Step 2 - The rest of the base colors

So with the armor done we now have to paint up the rest to paint up. Thin the paint with sufficient water to keep all details and the surfaces smooth. In most cases it takes two coats of paint to get enough cover. This step is probably the most time consuming but already the miniatures is starting to look really nice. 

All purple parts is painted with Xereus Purple. Hammer head, scale mail, buttons, and bolts on the armor are painted with Leadbelcher. The leather straps, belt, sword cloth beneath the armor is painted with Matt Black. Parchment is painted with Zandri Dust. Haft on hammer and sword is painted with Screamer Pink. The lightningbolts on shoulder pads and shield are painted with Celestra Grey.

The plume on Liberator Prime is painted with Mephiston Red and the stone he stands on (and stones on two others) is painted with Mechanicus Standard Grey. The scroll and inside of the cloth on the Liberator Prime is painted with Rakarth Flesh.

Step 3 - Wash
Now you wash all parts except the armor. Remember to let it dry before going to the next step and be careful not to get to much in the same spot. As the wash runs down the model, you might need flip the model upside down with your hands so the wash gets where it should be, and remove excess paint as needed. When there's large areas like the shield and cloth I thin down the paint with Lahmian Medium and not water to get a smoother result.

All purple, hammer head, scale mail and stones is washed it with Dark Tone Ink (Citadel Nuln Oil works just as good here if you want to stay with GW colors). The red plume is washed with Carrobrug Crimson. The pink parts are washed with Drucchii Voilet. Wash the parchment and the inside of the Prime's cloth with Light Tone Ink (Seraphim Sepia if going with Citadel) and the scroll on the Primes shield with Rakarth Flesh.

Step 4 - First Highlight
After step 3 you really have nice tabletop standard. But to get back some nice contrast and brighter colors again you need to re paint all the washed areas with their original color, leaving the recesses of course.

This step takes a lot of time as well. For the metal parts on the hammer head and scale mail I instead used Plate Mail Metal, but only on the most raised areas. I skipped reapply Xereus Purple on the insides of the shields as you wont see them much anyway. Be extra careful when you reapply Screamer Pink on the hammer and sword hafts as the details here are easy to mess up. 

All the black parts are edge highlighted with The Fang. If to bright or to much just wash it down with Dark Tone Ink or Nuln Oil. 
Step 5 - Second Highlight
Now you do edge highlights on all the colors accept the armor, weapons and lightning bolts which I saved for last. Be careful in this stage not to mess up, you only want highlights on the edges and thin lines.

Genestealer Purple on the purple areas, Pink horror for the hammer and sword hafts (again, be extra careful here). Palid Wych Flesh on parchment, scroll on the shield and inside of the Prime's cloth. The red plume is highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and the stones are painted with Longbeard Grey.

Step 6 - Final Touch ups
Now I do the final things before the models are completed. I highlight the edges of the armor, and all the metals with Shining Silver, be careful not to overdo this, you don't need to paint all edges. The lightningbolts on the shield and shoulderpads are highlighted with Pallid Wych Flesh.

I based the models and put on transfers, done!

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