Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Dreadfleet Pt. 1: Unboxing

So at last I got my box with Dreadfleet. I know most of you have probably already seen a lot of unboxings with this box but I decided I wanted to do one anyway, and write down some of my first impressions.

Box art is great, the rulebook and the artwork in there looks great as well. The details and stuff on the ships, islands etc. are amazing. Really like the gaming mat as well, was a little bit unsure of this beforehand but it looks great and have a lot of little nice details, also if the mat isn't totally flat, the waves looks even more realistic. 

The box is expensive, but you do get a lot of stuff in it. Even little plastic bags which I haven't figured out what they are for, probably to protect ships for transports or something.

As you can see on the sprue's, there's a lot of stuff. Markers and stuff for gaming, islands, monsters, little ships, large ships etc. And all of it have a lot of character and looks beautiful, and I feel really excited to start and build and paint all of them. Don't know what I want to paint first though, anyone have suggestions?

Will post more of my impressions on Dreadfleet as soon as I discover them 

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