Sunday, 30 October 2011

Current Projects: Orc WIP:s

A little update of what I'm doing at the moment. And it's not Dreadfleet this time, not much painting yet but I doing some GS and glueing work. First up is the guy I currently painting, a shaman on boar. The shaman is the old Wurzagh model with a new boar that Iv'e converted a little with green stuff and Savage Orc bitz.

Next up is my BSB, now more looking like an ordinary Orc BSB but it is supposed to be an Black Orc BSB, have done some Green Stuff work to make him look more armoured but I need some more armour on the legs I think. But I think it will turn out quite nice.

Next up is just a boar ridden Orc Big boss, which is supposed to maybe babysit a unit of Trolls in the future. Not much done to it more than kit bashing, will maybe add some more stuff. And lastly some more Savage Orcs which will up the unit to twenty three savage orcs, and then there's only seven left before I'm done with my first goal for that unit of thirty fully painted minis. Hopefully not that far in the future.

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