Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Starting up an Imperial Guard army?!

New army again? 
I have two Space Marine armies in 40k, five big armies for Warhammer Fantasy, several Mordheim warbands, I got plenty of Bauhaus and Imperial for Warzone with a lot more incoming soon and I'm also going to get a lot of minis for Robotech: RPG Tactics. Enough miniatures for most people I think... well not for me.

I have wanted to do an IG army for many years, but it have just never happened. And I have long thought about painting them inspired by the dead Warzone game. Well Warzone is not as dead anymore but I saw this deal over at Tradera (Swedish eBay) which I just had to buy.

Quite a lot of stuff, and for a really good price. But the best part is.... they are converted already (well almost all of them) with helmets and backpacks from Imperial Regulars (the ones from Warzone 2 ed box) and it looks awesome!

The painting standard isn't exactly high but I would had re-painted them anyway, one of the Commissars looks decent though, but still needs to be re painted a little.

Painting theme?
Anyhow, for painting theme I want these to go along my Guardians of the Covenant. So main colours will be metallic, grey and black and some green and reds. So armour in metallic and black, uniforms in camo grey colours, weapons in green and red cap and markings. Think it will look really nice but I will do an test mini and see how it looks.

What kind of army should I do?
Well rules wise I'm total newbie when it comes to IG (or most 40k actually) and any help you can provide would be very helpful. What can I do with this and how should the squads look? Down below is the stuff I got:

6 Veteran Squads consisting of:
  • 38 Guardsmen
  • 5 Flamers
  • 9 Grenade Launchers
  • 2 Comms Specialists
  • 6 Sergeants
  • 2 Commissars
  • 1 Cadian Command box which is unassembled, how should I build them up? 
  • 1 Missile Launcher Weapons Team
  • 1 Lascannon Weapons Team
  • 1 Heavy Bolter Weapons Team
  • 3 Autocannon Weapons Teams

I got some spare bits and what not do change stuff around but this are the models I have at the moment. First of all I will use them as an Ally to my Guardians of the Covenant so I must have that in mind when I build this army up. Also what should I buy next for this army? I understand most people like the Valkyries/Vendettas and I really like the look of them, should I buy any tank? or maybe Chimeras etc. All the tips I can get is most welcome.


  1. If you're planning to run them as vets or want a mobile army you need chimeras. If not, you need what every list needs, big guns! And lots of them. Basically just get any heavy support that strikes your fancy, they're all pretty good (or read some ig tacticas). Vendettas are a good choice too. You need an hq choice but you could probably mock one up using existing models to make a ccs

  2. It's an illness seek help before i read about your death in a paper smothered by a pile of unpainted mini's no one rescued him as they thought he was just busy painting!

  3. I used to have a sort of IG army, but I used the Inquisition army list to turn it into an Inquisitor's retinue. That uses a lot of the same models (or it used to anyway, I haven't played in a long time) - the guardsmen can double as stormtroopers, especially with your converted heads there, then your command can be an Inquisitor and henchmen.

    I'd agree with DimmyK, though - lots of tanks needed for a mobile landgrabbing force, or a solid gunline otherwise.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! Really appreciate it.

    DimmyK - I will probably go with the veterans as of now at least, don't want to get to lot of bodies to paint just yet. I think I will buy a couple of Vendettas and maybe some tanks later on. What should I have in the command squad then?

    Kraken Wakes - I was thinking of doing them so I could use them as an Inquisition army as well, I have some Inquisitor models lying around for this as well.

    Minitrol - Yea I imagine that it will be the case when I die. At least I will die happy :D

  5. Id suggest you try stuff out, but ideally probably 3 meltas or plasmas, or if they're sitting back a lascannon

    Really I think looking up imperial guard tactics on google and reading through a bit would help you a lot. If you want you can write a list out with a general idea of where you want to go and then people (incl me lol) can critique it / give advice

  6. Yea that is pretty much what I have done, will try and post up a list soon. Will begin with quite a small army 750-1000 Pts probably and I also want it to be an ally for my Guardians of the Covenant as well.

    My first test model is finished now and I will try to take pictures of it after work and post them here.


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