Sunday 11 September 2011

Asian Dragon/Wyvern: Some of my old stuff

A couple of years ago (could be 5/6 years or so) I didn't collect Orcs and Goblins, but my brother did. And he was thinking about making an asian inspired O&G army. Didn't really know how though and I suggested to try to make something out of his Wyvern model.

This was actually one of the first models when I used Green Stuff to a greater extend. And probably the first model when I was satisfied with the result, sure there are not any complicated stuff but it did it's job to make the model look more unique.


Didn't know what to post this time actually so I thought I could show some of my old stuff. Currently I'm painting my Chaos Sorcerer Lord, a new Forest troll, two orc shamans and an Empire BSB on foot. I will probably show you some pics of how it is going in the near future, but if there are certain stuff you guys wanna see from either my Orcs and Goblins, Dwarfs, Empire, Warriors of Chaos, Vampire Counts/ Mantic Undeador my Guardians of the Covenant in WH40k just write me a comment and will try make to make it happen. It could be anything from armylists to more pictures of my armies, painting tutorials or something else. Just brainstorm!


  1. It's certainly different....nicely done.

  2. Thanks Lenny, yeah it definitely is, never made a rider for it though and probably I won't make one either, think this Wyvern are more suited for Storm of Magic.

  3. I second Fnurgn, it has a great feel to it and would look unique on the tabletop which is what this hobby is all about :-)

  4. Thx guys glad you like it, it's actually quite nice to make and paint a model without trying to get it to fit into any existing army theme. I have to do that more often.


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