Monday, 30 January 2017

Miniature Monday: Second unit of Judicators for my Lions of Sigmar

Actually finished these two weeks ago but never got around taking pictures of them. Well here's my second unit of my Judicators, painted them up quite fast (for being me) and with a better result than the first unit. Not much to say really, no conversions or anything, but I used the Realm of Battles bases for all of them and they are actually really nice to work with. Just need to add some more texture, stones, dirt and what not, but I liked how they turned out.

Thats all for today, working on my Retributors next and most of the base colors are done, so probably finished until next Miniature Monday. Cheers!


  1. Great work on the Judicators ! I'm looking forward to see your Retributors ! (mine , that I'm currently working on , are almost finished)
    I have a question : How do you keep yourself motivated to paint at one army and one color-scheme?


    1. Thanks! That is a great question. I'm actually struggling with that at the moment. But when it comes to Stormcast one thing that helps motivate me is the other stuff you can paint differently like Dracoths and Stardrakes and seeing the armor as something u can do fast as u know exactly how to do it. So get more time for Dracoth skin for example.

      That is getting even better now when we get more gryphhounds, gryph-chargers etc. So we get more varied looking armies.

      Another thing is to change some colours to differentiate units. This is some I will dom more now, but for this unit of Judicators I added red gems to their belt knuckles and I will go back and so another color for my first unit. I will also do the plumes in different colors now from now.

      It makes it easer to see on the battlefield and makes a it little less tideous to paint as well.

      I also have more than one army so sometimes I take a break paint something totally different. Hoped that helped :)

    2. Thank you very much for your answer. It is very helpful.
      I'm looking forward to see more of your Stormcasts.


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