Saturday, 4 July 2015

Age of Sigmar - The Warscrolls for all the old miniatures are here!

Finally, just looked them over and well I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment and not used to the new characteristics and all just yet so hard to really compare them.

You can find the Warscrolls here!

Some observations though.

Both Bretonnia and Empire are have the keyword Free People

All Elves races is having Aealf keyword, and then are distguished by different keywords for the old three elveraces, Dark Elves is Exiles, High Elves is Highborn and Wood Elves Wanderers.

Warriors is still have different keywords, Mortals, Daemons and Beastman. Some Mortals have the Slave to Darkness keyword. The Warriors of Chaos also have Lammasu, Great Taurus, Cockatrice and even Chaos Familiars as warscrolls!

Dwarfs also have the Dispossessed keyword.


  1. The new models are amazing, but the rules.. I just can't take them seriously. The rules for some of the old models must have been conceived during a very drunken company christmas party.

    1. Yeah, the rules seem very strange in some cases. And I don't know, there are so many grey areas they don't even mention at all. I dunno will try it out first though.


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