Sunday, 5 June 2011

Open Letter to GW by MiniWargaming

So I thought I should put up this Video open letter from MiniWargaming one of several sites on the net where wargamers can buy their games workshop stuff. I totally agree with what is said in the video, and can only hope that GW even if they ignore this can come to their senses in the future.

I love the products GW is producing, they where the the reason I went into this beautiful and exciting hobby. But for every year the miniatures gets more and more expensive, even products that are old and White Dwarf feels more like an product catalogue.

I am the only one of my friends that still buy GW products, all the others have abandon the hobby and GW mostly because it costs so much money. I will continue to buy their products, but I don't know for how long if they continue on this road and I think that many costumers already have left the boat. I especially feel for you outside Europe that already have ridiculous prices and that these recent changes from GW is hurting the most.

Anyway watch this, and if you agree spread it out to other wargamers, friends etc.

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