Monday, 27 June 2011

Arachnarok Spider and Savage Orcs - WIP

So at last I could post some pictures, and today I finally got my order with some more miniatures, gs, modelling tools, basing stuff and last but not the least Quickshade Dark Tone. As I have started with quickshade on my musican I wanted to continue to use it on the regiment of S orcs, will also to to make a coat on my spider even if it looks okey already.

Anyway, here's the pictures right before they get a coat Quickshade. First up is the very large base for the spider, don't know if I overdid it but at least I think it looks like a forest area.

And here is the spider himself, as I suggested it's still a WIP fir example the eyes isn't finished yet. And the howda aren't even fully built as I'm still a little confused by which version I should use.

And for last some of the rest of savage orcs. The quickshade will make all the difference on these, you wait and see ^^

That's all for now, will dipp these asap and make them ready for the next photo session.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful spider, very well done!


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