Tuesday 17 May 2016

News: Pics of Silver Tower Warscrolls for AoS

Looks like my Tzeentch Arcanites army will get some much awaited reinforcements. So lets take a look shall we?

Wow, really good in combat and a good caster too? Yes thank you. Love the looks of this guy, and the rules seem really great as well.

The Gaunt Summoner was a big let down with the first rules for him on a disc. This however looks so much better, the spell can really dish out a lot of mortal wounds to big units. Loves how he also have his familiars with him.
Love the looks of these guys, not to sure about the rules. Fluffy but no power house. They mix and match their weapons though which is really interesting. Allocate suffered wounds on shield guys, and have the others fight back.
Does not seem like a power house either but a fluffy and decent unit. 2 wounds is always nice and mix of weapons like the Acolytes
Yay! Just like the god ol days Pink Horrors now can turn into two Blue Horrors when they die, wow if a unit of 20 Pink Horrors die in one turn they are turned into 40 blue horrors!

And if the Blue Horrors die they become Brimstone Horrors! Haha love it.
Awesome model and the Illusory Twin rule is just fantastic, must play with this dude some time.

Another unit that can mix and match weapons, love the mechanic and these can also have some missile weapons. 

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