Monday, 24 October 2016

News: The new releases shown in Nov White Dwarf

Got my White Dwarf today but haven't read through it enough to give you an review just yet. But there was a couple of surprises for me in the new releases section that I thought was interesting.

Haemotrope Reactors for 40k, really nice looking. And for AoS an re release of the Balewind Vortex (so no more OP vortex for those who moan about that) and the Magewrath Throne but without the skulls underneath?! Hopefully they release the skull mountain as a separate kit. 

New Hero bases for both 40k and AoS!

Of course the main release of the month The Burning of Prospero

In the right lower corner there is a new thingy I haven't seen before, an repair kit for when your models brake during gaming!
What do you guys think about the new releases?

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