Saturday, 8 October 2016

Last hours of Siege of the Citadel 2nd Edition Kickstarter!

Haven't written as much about this Kickstarter as I would have wanted. Now it's in it's final 8 hours as I'm writing this and just passed $500k.

I have pledged for the Dark Legion pledge, where you as I'm writing this get $564 worth of contents with 118 miniatures! For just $149, and it's really a great value if you ask me.

You get the second edition of a great game from the past, with awesome new miniatures and tiles. Along with new more indepth rules made by the first creator of the first edition of the game Richard Borg and many other big names in the industry. You also get two big expansions for the game with Luna City and Brotherhood expansions and a lot of smaller expansions like all of the apostles for example.

Can't tell how excited I am for this game and this kickstarter which have an awesome value already and probably even more before it has ended. So I highly recommend you to check it out as there's is still time to participate. Also Fantasy Flight Games is going to publish this game so it feels like a game that will continue to grow even after the kickstarter.

This is how the Dark Legion pledge looks at the moment.

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