Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hobby Update: Blood Bowl and more!

Received some great stuff today! The Blood Bowl box, the Skaven team and Death Zone Season One! I must start to get my stuff together and post more on the blog. So I will be doing Unboxings/Reviews again and starting with this stuff (even if you probably have seen it many times before). That will probably be posted tomorrow though and this post is more about what I'm doing hobbywise at the moment and my thinking is that this will be a regular update each week.

Sorry for the bad picture here, just wanted to share how my Lions of Sigmar Stormcast Eternals are doing, it is growing but more is coming, Fulminators, more Judicators a Knight-Venator and a Stardrake. And then I will buy more stuff to buff out the Paladin units, as I want ten of each kind I also want one or more units Prosecutors and a Knight-Azyros so I can field the Warrior Brotherhood battalion.

I will also try too build some more on my Chaos army and more precise my Tzeentch. Hopefully we will get an Battletome some time next year so I want to be ready for it. This will be my second AoS army and after that I will also do some Destruction. All I need is more time!!

As seen on the pictures above my hobby room is in chaos right now, with a lot of projects at the same time. But it's fun and I have been quite good at painting my Stormcasts and not being too distracted by all the other things. It's getting really hard now though with Blood Bowl and everything.

I also got some more stuff today, the new texture paints. Will be doing some experimenting with these as I have used the old ones quite a lot. And then give you a small review. That's it for now. Please tell me if these kind of posts is interesting to read at all. At least it's good for my as I can see how good I am at keeping to one project at a time (will never happen fully but I try)

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