Monday, 25 October 2010


First of all sorry for the poor updating of the blog lately, hasn't painted much the week after I came home. Why do you ask? Well there's a couple of of things, but one thing that have taken up a lot of my time lately is a game called Minecraft. My brother showed me the trailer which I will post here and sure the graphics look like crap but god it's addictive and very fun. Unfortunately that leaves not much time for painting at the moment, but one of the Zombies should be done in the next days and then I will post some pictures of it here of course.

Also the new White Dwarf arrived at my house today, haven't read it much yet but there is a lot of stuff for you Dark Eldar fans out there. You sure deserve a updated codex and some new models, and I really think they are gorgeous. Well more about that in the next posts, look at the trailer now and decide if you think the game seems to be worth my time.

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