Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ghouls and Flagellants

Okey not much updates lately, have been quite busy with renovation of the bathroom and stuff. But here is a little update of what I'm doing right now.

As you can see I wanted a little more variation on my ghouls so I added little bits of greenstuff on them, not any major stuff but it makes them a little bit different. I have also ordered new stuff from Mantic, I choose to buy 60 zombies and 20 more ghouls, as they are interchangeable I will kitbash these quite extensively.

I'm also in the process of painting more Empire Flagellants, the two Mordheim Zealots to the left and in the back just need some Quick Dip. The one in the front is in the converting stage and my intention is to make him into an Prophet of Doom, I will take more pictures of him when I finish him up.

On a other note I have finally bought a new camera as well, still need to learn a bit more how to use it properly but these two photos is taken by it and I think they look quite decent, down below are a picture of one of the old ghouls which I hadn't any good picture of, this one looks better and I even took it with flash turned on.

Thats all for today, will try to post more updates in the future. Until next time.

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