Monday, 11 October 2010

Mantic Zombies!!

The zombies are here! I finally got my hands on the zombies as well thirty more ghouls on Friday. Been quite busy last weekend and I won't do much updates until next week as I travel to Gran Canaria tomorrow. But atlest you will get a small update today and see what I have done to my zombies and ghouls the last couple of days.

As I have mentioned earlier I wanted to kitbash the zombie sprue with the Ghoul one to get more variation to the units. There are no problem combining the two sprues to make Zombies, but making Ghouls was a little bit trickier. The main problem of making Ghouls with the zombie parts is that they look to decayed which results with them looking like Zombies anyway, so I decided to do some Greenstuff work to make them look a little bit more alive and human. You can see the result below.

As you can see (hopefully) there isn't any major GS work. I made clothes for the torsos on two of them and I needed to fill up some places where the skin is missing with greenstuff. Particularly two of them around the knees and lower legs. The hardest bit was probably the one that got an nose job and the one to the left where I needed to sculpt the right portion of his face. Not anything really hard, but hard to tell if it will look good until they get some paint on.

And then there was the Zombies. I used almost only the Zombie sprue for these guys, and I didn't need to do any GS work on these as I want them to look decayed, they are Zombies after all. Just added some more intestines and some maggots.

So not much done yet I'm afraid but there will be more, well next week anyway. I will also make a decent review of the Zombie box and pretty much all of the undead from Mantic in the near future as I now have all of the undead range that has come out. So stay tuned for more!

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