Sunday, 10 June 2012

Trying out the new GW Glazes

One of the things I was most interested in when I first saw the list of all the new paints from Games Workshop where the Glazes. This is a technique I haven't tried out much at all before just because you had to do the glazes yourselves (at least if you only used GW colours), but now you have four Glazes to choose from, and hopefully all you need for the most common used colours, blue, yellow, red and green. In all examples I used them straight from the pot or with a little bit of water added to it, you can also use the new GW Lahmian Medium which gives them a slightly more even finish. But more about this when I try out the other colours. Anyhow, here's what I found out when I tried all the new Glazes out.  

The red one is called Bloodletter and is quite bright in colour, almost orange as you can see on the Khorne Lord below. I have just made one coat on him and this is how it looks like. On the banner I wanted more depth so I choose to paint Bloodletter first then a couple of coats of Carroburg Crimson which is the new red Shade from GW, the result you can see on this Khorne Banner. Looks quite nice and it will probably look even better when I finish up the whole banner. Maybe I want some more red in there, but we have to see when I decide to finish it up. And this is how I think you have to work with both glazes and Shades. If you want more depth in the colour, you have to give it some more coats to build up the colour. At least if you want to build it up from a white undercoat as I have done on both these examples.

Next one is yellow called Lamentors Yellow which I painted on this barrel on the Chaos Hellcannon. The Barrel where black under coated and then painted using the new Base colour Ceramite White.The goal is to paint this barrel looking like lava or magma like the Eavy Metal team did on the latest Finecast version of the Hellcannon. So I will use a reverse drybrushing technique, using the the brightest colour of yellow in the recesses and then drybrush with orange and reds further up. First time doing this so we have to wait and see how it turns out. I'm happy with how the yellow turned out though, as I wanted some white to show through the yellow. Hopefully the the end result will look nice.  

The next colour is the blue one called Guilliman Blue. I tested this out on a WoC Chosen which where undercoated with black and then AP:s Metal Primer. I then painted a heavy coat with the glaze and got this result. I'm quite satisfied and I think I may need one more coat and then some highlights to do it justice. Still don't know If I want to paint my Tzeentch Chosen like this or like my Tzeentch Warriors though.

The last one I tried on some of my quite newly purchased second hand Warriors of Chaos and it is of course the green glaze called Waywatcher Green. Don't know what colour the original model was but it some kind of light green heavy highlighted with white.Anyhow I just put on a heavy coat of the glaze and the result is the one in the middle. You can compare this to the right one which is painted using the old wash Thraka Green and the left on which is painted using the new Shade called Biel-Tan Green. Not totally happy with any of them but that might have to do with how the model was painted beforehand. But I actually went with another colour for my Nurgle Warriors instead which I will soon show you as soon as I have finished him up.

I'm happy with how the glazes work and I will continue using them as brighter versions of the Shades. I now there's plenty of other ways of using them as well, and I will try out other methods of using them in the future. Anyhow I think it's an nice addition to the new GW paint line and they do compliment the other colours in the range well as far as I can tell at the moment.

What do you think? Have you used them yet, or planning to use them? Any more methods on how to use them you want to share? Tell me in the comments below.


  1. Good article, I was wondering how the glazes would shape up outside the pages of a White Dwarf. Te whole review is enhanced with the use of alternate colour schemes for comparison :)

  2. Good article, encouraged me to try GW glazes :)

  3. Thank you guys, glad you liked the article. I do recommend to try out the glazes and I think there are plenty of more uses for them that I haven't showed here. Have been trying out some of the other new GW paints as well and will write something up for them as well.

  4. Glazes are no longer available !


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