Saturday, 30 June 2012

WoC Update: Khorne Daemon Prince & Hellcannon WIP

Hi there guys, right now I have a big problem with my painting. I just can't decide what to paint, the end result? Nothing gets done :/ Currently I'm painting a whole lot of different miniatures at a time but I have to have some focus so I actually finish some of my projects as well. And I've decided to first and foremost finish two of my WoC projects, a Khorne Daemon Prince and a Chaos Hellcannon. These miniatures do take some time though and I can't just have all of my unfinished Empire minis waiting so I've also decided to actually finish my Empire Morr War Altar (more on this one in a later post). So now when that's settled take a look on what I've done so far on my WoC projects.

I have come pretty far and I thought long and hard how I wanted the armour on him. It couldn't be red as the rest of him is red and just black looked a bit dull so I made this molten lava look (inspired from one of the first lvl 60 purple sets in vanilla WoW for shamans called Earthfury I think). And I think it came out quite well, may need to tone it down on some places though. A lot of work left, for example gluing on all the teeths, horns and spikes all over the model but I think he will look really mean in the end.

Work is going slower on the Hellcannon though. I decided to remove some of the wheels again so I could get to everywhere where I needed to paint. I painted the whole cannon barrel before this though and it would probably have been a lot easier if the wheels where not in the way. And this is a tip for all you who want to paint your Hellcannons, paint as much as you can before putting it together, it will be a lot easier and save you a lot of time as well.

I'm really pleased with how the fiery barrel looks and wasn't hard at all. Just do as you normally paint with highlights etc. but do the brightest colour first in this case, yellow, then orange, then red and for last red with some black mixed in. A lot of more work needs to be done but when I've finished the brass colours and metals there isn't much more to paint on it, except to finish the base and the Chaos Dwarf Crew.

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