Monday, 23 July 2012

Minotaurs: Planning the new army

As I've mentioned earlier I want to start up a new Space Marine army, and I have made a test model so far, which can be found here. I felt I needed some new stuff for them though to do them justice and so I made an order from Forgeworld and one from Wayland games.

I will continue painting my GotC as well or another Unforgiven chapter, quite bored at the GotC colour scheme. But really excited to start the Minotaurs chapter and can't wait until I get my new stuff.

I ordered this from Forgeworld: (will also get some (big) stuff for Whfb which I will show you when it arrives)

MINOTAURS TRANSFER SHEET (apparently over a thousand transfers on this)

SPACE MARINE MkIV COMMAND SET (really liked these models and will use them for a Captain and Standard Bearer in a Command squad)

2 MINOTAURS MARINE SHOULDER PADS (So I get twenty all in all of these)

ASTERION MOLOC AND IVANUS ENKOMI (the awesome looking Chapter Master and the Voice of the Chapter, Chaplain Ivanus which also looks really good)




I already have some unpainted 40k stuff that I want to paint as Minotaurs, including some stuff from Assault on black reach. But I also felt I needed some more stuff apart from the stuff from Forgeworld. Like for example the Wh40k rulebook which I haven't read yet. So I made an order from Wayland games as well and ordered these things.

Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook - 6th Edition : English (yeah I need it and it looks like a nice book)

Space Marine Razorback (two pounds more than a Rhino to buy, better to get this and have the option for both vehicles in my opinion)

Space Marine Tactical Squad (will focus on ordinary marines in this army)

2 x 3 Big Spartans Shields (really nice looking shields from Scibor Miniatures, total of six shields that I will use as stormshields for my Terminators)

1 x 6 Spartan Shields (same as the big but smaller, in other means perfect for stormshields or maybe combat shields for Power Armour guys)

1 Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard (will try to convert these into something, any suggestions? Honour Guard? Command Squad? Vanguard?)

So quite a lot of stuff and I think I will be ready to start this army up, I have already started to paint some ordinary marines and I'm happy with how the bronze on their armour looks. But one thing I don't really know though is what kind of I army I want, and it's so much easier to put together your troops if you know what to field with weapons etc.

I have some ideas on what I want to focus on and what I want in the army. A couple of Tac troops, some Scout Snipers, Command squad or Honour guard, Assault Terminators with a lot of storm shields, some vehicles, Dreadnoughts and maybe one or two Stormtalons. What do you think? Anyone with 40k experience who want to help me put a list together that will work with some of these ingredients? Which codex should I use? I'm mostly thinking about the ordinary SM codex but I'm open for any ideas. 

I will show you all the new stuff when it arrives, hopefully this week :) So until next time.

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