Saturday, 28 July 2012

Review: White Dwarf 392

As everyone probably knows by now, there's Daemons in this issue. So let's dig in on the big stuff in this months magazine, the new releases for Daemons.

New Releases
Quite a lot of stuff for being a mini wave of new miniatures. So Daemons got a a small update with some new minis including Soul Grinders for Fantasy! Don't know what to think of this actually, I like the idea but I had hoped for some kind of conversion kit to make it look less 40k and more fantasy, unfortunate that's not the case. So what else do the Daemons get? New Plaguebearers which I like very much, lot of character this is also the case for the new Nurglings. There's also new kits for the Tzeentchian Daemons, so new Flamers and Screamers both which looks similar to the previous sculpts but really nice nonetheless. Tzeentch is also coming with a sculpt for the Blue Scribes who looks really cool in my opinion.

And all this is not all, there is one or actually two new big kits for the Slaanshi daemons as well. The Seeker Chariot/Hellflayer of Slaanesh and the Exalted Seeker chariot of Slaanesh. I'm not a huge fan for the Slaanesh Daemons at all actually, and particularly not the new Daemonettes. And these sculpts foolow in that direction, the Seekers look nice and all and the chariot it self looks quite menacing. But I really the dislike the Daemonettes themselves and especially the Exalted version which just looks like two Seeker Chariots combined into one and on a large base. So not overly impressed by these.

The last little model releases this month is the Great Bray-Shaman for Beastmen, this is a plastic kit, so not that pricey and it looks really nice as well. There's also some pricier stuff as more models is released in Finecast for Daemons, Beastmen, High Elves and some Goblins, Dwarfs and Cave Drake for Lotr (by the way, there's the first mention of The Hobbit from GW that I've seen. With a two page picture of the characters in the movie and some text explaining that we will see more Hobbit stuff in the future).

Painting and Modelling
Not much, some tips on which paints to use on all the lesser daemons skin (Daemonettes, Bloodletters etc.) There is also an modelling workshop showing how to 'Nurglify' a Soul Grinder which is quite cool and makes is look a little less 40k but not enough in my opinion. There's also a nice showcase for different takes on the plastic Nurgle Lord kit, with some really cool versions by John Blanche for example.

Rules and Fluff
Quite a lot of this, but not in the actual magazine as you get a little booklet with this months issue with all the new rules for both Fantasy and 40k incarnations of Daemons. So you get the rules for the new Chariots, which looks to quite good and new rules for Screamers and Flamers. And of course the Fantasy version of the Soul Grinder, which looks to be an upgraded version of the Hellcannon almost. It looks like a really good monster/cannon with M8 S6 T7 W6 A4, and different upgrades for the cannon and claw. There's also rules for the Blue Scribes, but for some reason these are in the WD instead of the little booklet.

There's actually two Battle Reports in this issue, a WHFB one with Daemons against High Elves and one for 40k with Daemons vs. an allied force of Eldar and Dark Eldar :O. Haven't fully read these two yet but looks like normal WD Battle Reports. We also get a new Arena of Death which is quite fun to read actually, pitting an Empire Captain vs. an Saurus Oldblood, an Wight King vs. an Savage Orc Big Boss, and a Bray-Shaman vs. an Goblin Shaman.

The best thing with this issue is the extra booklet for the new Daemons rules, it makes it a lot easier to find than having to page through an whole White Dwarf to find them like with the Sisters of Battle updated WD codex. There's some nice photos and stuff as always quite a lot of new releases, but somehow I find that something is missing but I can't think of what. So a solid magazine and some really useful stuff in the new Daemons rules.

Rating: 3,5 out of 5

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