Saturday, 18 January 2014

Review: White Dwarf Jan 2014

So it looks like this issue is an end of an era, the last issue of the monthly White Dwarf before it becomes a weekly magazine instead. First of all this isn't mentioned in the actual magazine at all so when this issue showed up we didn't know about this. So how are the last issue of the old monthly WD:s then?

New Releases
There is a lot of new Tyranids models this month as it's the main release together with some more Hobbit stuff. They show of the new stuff like they have in past with nicely taken pictures and what not, no fancy and strange lighting but a purple xenos-Tyranid looking background that don't obscure anything from the actual model. We all have our own personal feelings about new models coming out, but I wasn't that impressed with the Tyranids release this time I must say. But I'm not a huge Nids fan either. We get some pics of the new Hobbit stuff as well but nothing more about it in this issue. I'm not into the Hobbit game or the old Lotr game for that matter but it's a shame GW doesn't even try to get us interested in the game. No articles, battle reports cool scenery more than some odd painting tutorials (not in this issue though).

Army of the month
Christian Byrne's Angels of Death army concept is really interesting with Blood Angels and Dark Angels mixed into one cohesive looking army based on the old Angels of Death codex. Nice painting and good theme, but Space Marines.......again! Sigh.

Jervis Johnson
He talks about how random result tables can enhance your hobby and gaming experience. We even get some Heirloom Tables, quite nice actually.

Battle Report
Nids vs. Tau, with all the big beasties they can get hold off in a aprox. 3000 Pts game. Like three Tyrants and six Riptides! Nice photos and nicely painted armies, and it looks like a fun game with some special objectives. Nice read.

Hall of Fame
Space Marine Techmarine get's an well deserved mention here.

An Warband made by one of Blacnhe's adepts Johan Egerkrans. All is nicely converted and painted, really unique looking models and I really like this segment. It even makes me try to do something similar.

Parade Ground
Continues with the Armies on Parade from the US and there's some really cool armies here. My personal favourite is the Night Goblin army which gets four own pages. Really nice and cool display board as well.

Kit bash
Ogre Mournfang Cav, better than usual (much thanks to not being Space Marines) a lot of different bitz is used and the end results is quite nice.

Paint Splatter
Wanted to know how to paint Tyranids Hive Fleet Kraken/Behemoth/Leviathan? This is for you. As usual quite basic techniques, but useful if you are unsure how to paint your Nids, and somewhat for us others as well.

Jeremy Vetock
He writes about on how to explain our hobby for strangers and how their reactions might be, a quite fun read actually.

This Month in....
We see some nicely painted models by the WD staff and at the Design Studio  we get some words regarding the new Nids from Mark Harrison and Matt Holland. Black Library is an interview with Raymond Swanland who is a illustrator.

Most interesting for me though is the Forge World one, not because we see the Legion Sicarian Venator or Mechanicum Myrmidons, no because we actually get a pic of a Warhammer Forge model! The Dread Saurian, and it looks cool too.

As you can see there isn't really anything I didn't like, accept that I wasn't that impressed by the new releases. The last of the White Dwarf as we have known it is quite middle of the road actually. Nothing is bad but other than some nice army pics and what not it doesn't really shine either. It was a good read but I doubt I will go back and re read this particular issue that much. Maybe If I was a Nid player.

Interesting to see how the new WD and Wh: Visions will be so be sure to check out future reviews.

Rating:  2.8 / 5


  1. Totally agree. Too many space marines in army of the month/kitbash. Additionally, it was the LotR system that encouraged me to go into a GW shop for the first time, so the nostalgic hobbyist within me is sad to see that it's clearly being slowly phased out. I suppose, however, it was only natural - the original trilogy wasn't going to be popular for ever, and the new trilogy isn't really suited to mass battles/anything more than episodic skirmishes. I guess we'll have to see how the third film fares.

    Will be interesting to see how the WD facelift goes.

    Great blog - love your work. Thanks a mil!

  2. Not as a mid player either, it suffers from the modern white dwarf problem of what content is there.

  3. Mid - nid auto correct and iphone now won't edit text on blogger. I bought it digitally and then bought the paperback, when I herd it would be the last white dwarf monthly issue.


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