Saturday, 4 January 2014

Painting Challenge 2013 Final Results

I haven't been posting any Painting Challenge updates the last three months so before I did the calculations I didn't know if I actually made it or not. In the last update I wrote that I needed at least 685 Pts to come up the same result as last year and that I had three months to do it. Then I felt pretty confident to achieve this but before I made the final calculations I was really unsure, it would be close.

So on to the last months of painting then:


10 Handgunners 90 Pts
1 Mutalith Vortex Beast 240 Pts

Total: 330 Pts

Comment: Quite a nice month, the beast took a loot of time to paint but netted me some needed points as well.


20 Halberdiers 120 Pts
1 Spawn 50 Pts
3 Warriors of Nurgle 60

Total: 230 Pts

Comment: Not as a good month points wise but I finished a lot of models and that is needed as well.


1 Chaos Troll w/ ahw 38 Pts
1 Chariot of Tzeentch 120 Pts
4 Chaos Warriors of Tzeentch 68 Pts
7 Greatswords 77 Pts

Total: 303 Pts

Comment: I didn't remember I painted that much in Dec but apparently I did, and even if maths isn't my strong subject by any means It does look like I made past 2012:s painting goal.

2012: 3390 Pts and 189 models painted 

2013: 3568 Pts and 120 models painted 

Comment: So as you can see I beat my self from 2012 and painted more Pts wise but not model wise. That is to be expected though as I painted a lot more big models last year (Daemon Prince, BSB, Chariots etc.) And in the end I'm really happy with the turn out. My WoC is now looking like an proper army but I will continue painting a lot for that army in 2014 as well so expect more to come for them.

Also painted some more Empire models but I need to paint up some more the coming year. I have some unfinished units like the Flagellants, Knights and Greatswords I want to finish and some other models like the Hurricanum.

Not much for other systems this year, some 40k and I may paint up some more 40k this year but my 40k have all but disappeared right now and I need to find it again to get up some serious painting again. And this may be hard as my Warzone will finally arrive soon (hopefully) and they are high on the priority list to do, we also have Deadzone which I want to paint as well.

As you can see I have a lot to do the coming year as well. And I will try to beat my self yet again but I also want to have some kind of a plan for each army on what I want to finish up and in what order so we have to wait and see what format the Challenge will be in but it will be there I promise.

Any other having a similar challenge with themselves or with others? Pls leave a comment and tell me all about it.

Top Three models painted by me in 2013 according to myself.

1. I don't think I could have painted this better with my current skills, I'm really happy with how it turned out and is therefore my number one.

2. Close for the first place, really like the model and how the free hand banner turned out.

3. Last model finished this year and one of my favourites. I like all the different colours and the fact that it's quite havily converted using a lot of different bits.
And final list of what things I actually painted;

1 Demigryph Knight
1 IC Knight
10 Archers
1 Grey Wizard
10 Flagellants
10 Handgunners
5 Outriders
1 Hot Pot Catapult
20 Halberdiers

Warriors of Chaos
5 Warhounds
26 Chaos Warriors
1 Demon Prince
1 Chimera
1 BSB on Daem. Mount
1 Gorebeast Chariot
1 Chaos Chariot
3 Skullchrushers
1 Mutalith Vortex Beast
1 Chaos Spawn
1 Chaos Troll

1 Terminator Serg.
10 Space Marines
1 Rhino
1 DW Knight

1 Razorback

Warzone: Bauhaus
4 Ducal Militia
1 Kommando Sgt

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