Saturday, 25 January 2014

News: Pics of Dwarf Hammerers and a Slayer

Here's some really awesome pics of the new Dwarf release, I must say They both look great, got these via Neobuzzard over at Bugmans Brewery.

There's also a new named character releasing with them that looks awesome too. he had magic items (not runic) in the form of a weapon that gave him +1 to hit and asf and a shield that gave him immunity to killing blow


  1. Really excited to see some new direction for the venerable WHFB dwarves. I was very curious to see how this stuff would turn out after all the stuff GW is doing with the Hobbit Dwarves. Looks like they went with a very different style than the more "realistic" Peter Jackson dwarves, these guys look to have a more Final Fantasy/steampunk look which I like quite a lot. Doesn't look too similar to the previous, more Viking-esque GW plastics so there's a bit more variety in the range now, which I think is a good thing.


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