Thursday, 23 January 2014

Dwarfs: Starting up an Karak Norn army

I haven't seen any of the models accept Belegar(?) on the cover of the next WD, but I have decided to pick up my old Dwarf army again and actually paint it up (well most of it hopefully). Last time I repainted some models and tried to paint up the army was a couple of years ago.

Back then I wanted to paint them in a blue and yellow colour scheme (and before that a light ice blue colour). It does still look good but as my Chaos army is mostly blue now I just wanted to do something else. I first went with a test mini like the one below, a red shield with black symbol. I really liked this but. Now when I thought about it I think it will look a little boring from a distance and with all the models looking like this.

So I went on and tried an different approach, I made them both red and blue. I liked it and looked up which dwarf holds that had this colour combination. In my 5th (or is it 4th) Dwarfs army book it show's us that it's the colour of Karak Norn in the Grey Mountains. They had white symbols though so I tried this and voila here's the colour scheme I choose.

So Karak Norn it is, it's a quite poor Dwarf Hold (for being Dwarfs at least) because there's not as much minerals in the Grey Mountains compared to the Worlds Edge Mountains. I don't know If I want to show this in some way on the models or not. I'm thinking that I won't do that much stuff in gold but stick to lesser value minerals like cooper, bronze and iron. 

I'm also thinking about on how to do the bases, last time I did snow bases but I have done this on my WoC and really want something else here. First I'm thinking mountains and rocks and some grass tufts here an there. The close proximity to the Athel Loren may make them doing expeditions into the Forest etc. so bases with more of a forest feel is another option. Another is to do underground theme, which is quite interesting because Iv'e have never done that. May have to do some more research on this before I start on the bases.

If anyone has any suggestions, tips or anything else they want to share when it comes to Dwarfs I would truly appreciate it. Also do you think I made a good choice of colour scheme?

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