Wednesday, 8 January 2014

News: Dwarfs in Feb!

It looks like my last fantasy army to be updated Dwarfs will arrive in Feb according to Bell of Lost Souls, and below are what we can expect to see.

Have no fear, the stunties are on the march - headed your way in February.  Here is the rundown of new kits coming down the mountain.

Latest word speaks of:

Dwarfs - February (I'd bet on February 8th)

The Kits:

Plastic Tunneling Vehicle
Plastic infantry heavy armor unit kit (dual-build)
Plastic infantry light armor unit kit (dual-build)

Plastic War Altar
Plastic New VERY large gun/cannon
Plastic Beefier Gyrocopter

Clampack Lord

No finecast was mentioned at all.  If you look at what needs plastic kits in the existing Dwarf range, and look to the old-unit/new unit splits in the Dark Elves release for inspiration, it's not too hard to figure out what's coming.

These latest set descriptions dovetail almost exactly with Spanish rumors from early November.

My Comment:

Dunno if we will see slayers in the light armour kit but if not I think it's really strange to not update them, especially when there's some good competition in that particular area. Other than that it all looks plausible with the War Altar probably being some kind of new Anvil of Doom dual kit. Will be really interesting to see the new Dwarf stuff.


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