Monday, 2 February 2015

Miniature Monday: Bauhaus Vulkan Battlesuit

Yes, first finished model of the month and something I have only painted on during this year. And it's my second Vulkan Battlesuit, but this time it's the new version and not the Kickstarter version.

The last pictures show you the differences between the two, and they are quite different. But not so much that they won't fit together in the same force, especially when painted similar. I just say the KS version is a mark 2 (dunno how many Vulkan models there have been before but I think only one) and the new one a mark 3.

I much prefer the new version, the closed canopy is from the old kit though so I made a little conversion there, sadly the new kit don't have that option. But the old one has it charms and I quite like the sleeker look of it and the added height. The details and stuff is far superior on the new version though, and I have another one that I will paint up later. Until then, or my next post hopefully. Here's the pictures, as always comments are much welcome!

With HMG and Heavy Flamethrower

With Hydraulic Powered Fists

A comparison between Kickstarter version and the new one.

On the back you can clearly see how much more details the new version has compared to the KS version. 


  1. Wicked cool. Love the metallic and blues...and that green lense is awesome.

    1. Thanks Greg! I really liked the lense from the old KS version so I did a similar one on this model as well, glad you liked it! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Have one more of the old models I will paint up in the future (and do some bit of converting as well) as well as a new one. So I have many Vulkans, glad they are great in the game as well.


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