Monday 26 January 2015

Miniature Monday: Cybertronic Chasseur

Quite some time since the last Miniature Monday from me, but now I'm eager to bring this back and put up photos of some newly finished models each Monday. So what is in store for today then, well this mini has been finished for some time now but haven't had time to show it. It's the first model and test piece for my Cybertronic Chasseurs. I have made one model for this force until now, the Exterminateur which can be found here. And this Chasseur is following in the same color scheme.

These pictures weren't all that great I'm afraid (didn't use my Tripod) and I also see I need some more work on the skin (another highlight would do wonders) when I see these pics. But this army is supposed to be quite fast to paint so I don't know yet. It looks quite alright in my eyes, anyway hope you like it. 

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