Monday, 9 March 2015

Miniature Monday: Space Marine with airbrushed Power Sword

Hey there, missed last Miniature Monday but now I have model to show you. It's actually an model I painted several years ago, but I wanted to try and do a power sword effect that you commonly see now days. You pretty much need to do this with an airbrush, so I wanted to try it out. In the same process I also updated the paint work on the rest of the model to better match how my Guardians of the Covenant looks now.

Took some hurriedly pictures of this guy so first photo the airbrushed power sword is in focus.

And on this one you get better focus on the actual Marine. 

I know the middle isn't actually in the middle. Did a mistake on both sides with the masking tape, not getting in the middle. Well it's my first one and I have to be more careful, you learn by your mistakes. 
All in all, the technique does not take long to do at all, I did this fast when my little daughter took a nap. For my first try I'm happy with how it turned out. I know I can make smother transitions because the airbrush where not in perfect shape when I did this.

Oh, and here's the recipe. White undercoat (I didn't have that luxury on this one though as it was painted red before), Model Color Sky Blue from Vallejo, then Vallejo Model Air French Blue, and for last Vallejo Model Air Signal Blue. I followed this guy's tutorial pretty much which you can find here. I also recommend the rest of his channel BuyPainted, he has some really nice tutorials there.

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  1. I really like the cloak/tabard work on this guy. Looks very knightly.


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