Monday 16 March 2015

Kickstarter: Last 24 hours of Blood Rage!

Haven't mentioned this game I'm currently backing over at Kickstarter, it's called Blood Rage. You might however have seen it on many other wargaming sites becasue even if this is a tabletop game, it has a lot of awesome looking miniatures. Not only that, but the game looks like really fun to play you also get a lot of value from the boxed game with 'rewards' unlocked so far.

Miniatures is made by the famous Mike McVey and is looking stunning and the best of it all, it's vikings! You also get som really nice artwork in the game, made by no other than Adrian Smith. The game itself is produced by Guillotine Games, most famous for their Zombicide games, and gameplay comes from the game designer Eric M. Lang with many different games under his belt, among them Chaos in the Old World, Wh 40k Conquest, Warhammer: Invasion XCOM, Star Wars: The Card Game and more.

So why won't you go and look for yourself if it looks interesting, Kickstarter page is here. And below you will see what you get right now.

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