Monday, 30 March 2015

Miniature Monday: Imperial Blood Berets

Monday again and finally I have these guys finished. It's five more Blood Berets for my Imperial force in Warzone: Resurrection, this time with Chain Rippers. Fun to paint but they do take some time for sure. I'm really happy with how they turned out though and work nice together with my first five guys, both boxes where bought almost exactly one year ago at Gothcon. Hopefully there's some more nice stuff to buy this year ^^.

Anyway here's the pictures, I also tried a new background for the pics, don't know If I'm all to keen on the result though, might be the lighting though. Please let me know in the comments. Which is better?


  1. I like the top background better. Paint job looks great!!

    1. Thanks Greg, yeah I like it more and more as well. Only need to adjust the lighting and it will look as I want :)


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