Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Kickstarter: Maelstrom's Edge: A Next-Gen Sci-Fi Miniatures Wargame

I almost feel that we are getting flooded by all the new wargames coming out, especially via Kickstarter. But this one has been developed for quite some time now by the team behind

I sure looks interesting, really cool models and the game system sounds fun too. It's still early so hopefully more goodies will be locked up in the future as well. I probably won't get into this one though, I have to much stuff already and I can't justify getting another wargame for my wallet´s sake. But if you don't have that problem and is looking for a new wargame, be sure to check this one out.

For more info follow this link

Down below is a snippet of what you get in the main box so far.

About this project

Maelstrom's Edge is:
  • A 'slow apocalypse' sci-fi universe supported by years of writing and published novels.
  • A squad-based tabletop wargame with excellent rules.
  • A boxed set featuring extremely detailed state-of-the-art multi-part and multi-pose HIPS plastic models.
  • A complete package of rules, dice, templates, and tokens - everything you need to play out of the box.

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