Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Unboxing Warzone: Imperial Special Forces

Here's a new unboxing of one of the new units for the Imperial Corporation. This unit 'Special Forces' is really a generic term, because it can be tooled up and customized to be used many types of units either as a made up Special Force or one of the many existing ones in the Imperial Corporation like the Black Berets, The Rams, Terror Eagles etc. (they have tons of different Special Forces and you can read about this in the fluff, for example their latest PDF)

This is quite awesome, and even though don't have all the options in this box like Iron Mastiffs you have the different heavy weapon variants in here. Anyway, on the the actual unboxing.

All the contents you get, the five models, five 30mm bases, and the stat card. 

First sprue, amazing details and I just the love the look of these guys. 

Backside shows us the backpack which which can do some neat things.

You might have noticed that some models have like a small chimney on their right side and some not. That is becasue some had sadly fallen off in transport. So three where off but I could just find one of them in the box. Have contacted Prodos about this and they will sort it out as they always do. I might cut off all of them in this unit or something... not a huge deal even though I like the steampunky look to them.

Statcard, these are just for the basic troopers though. Depending on how you upgrade them and what warlord you use they get different stats, so might not need this card as much. I would had preferred three cards for all the types of units (CC, Ranged and Tech/psych) so we at least get the right stats. All the other upgrades can't understandably fit on the cards. Beautiful new artwork though.   

Here's them all assembled, I haven't glued much here though as I prefer taking arms off when painting. So you will see some blue (white) tac on some places and that the arms aren't perfectly fitted yet. 

Really cool stances overall, and the details are so crisp.

Here's the guy who can wield the different Heavy Weapons, here's the Gehenna Puker.

The ordinary Invader Assault Rifle if don't want a flashy weapon in your unit. 

The Mandible Shotgun

For last, the Charger HMG. I will try to magnetize these as the unit can function so totally different depending on what warlord you use and what upgrades you choose. This one will be the hardest magnetize and it's only two pieces so I think I can get it to work. 

Overall I'm really in love with this unit, both in terms of rules as you can do so much with them, CC rapid deployment, with puker, a Ranged unit with better armor and Long Rifles and a Charger HMG or a Tech variant with Iron Mastiffs that can be your Warlords bodyguard just to name a few of the choices you have.

The look of the models is spot on as well, really cool steampunk feel to them and yet work perfectly with the rest of the Imperial range. Can't recommend this unit enough, now I just have to work out how to paint them up.


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