Monday 18 May 2015

Miniature Monday: Star Wars Imperial Assault Stormtroopers, Royal Guard and Probe Droids

Iv'e been busy painting up more stuff for Star Wars Imperial Assault. It's just such a fun game to play (currently running two campaigns) so I really want to finish painting these models up. Al tough the quality is superb for a boardgame, it's not like the miniatures you the in your typical miniature wargame (not far off though). So it's a little harder to paint them up nicely (not all, some are really easy). But in the end I think it does pay up if you try to do a nice paintjob on them, and it's awesome to see them on you board tiles as you play.

So for this Miniature Monday I have several new models to show you, hope you like.

Royal Guard

Probe Droids

Stormtroopers (more on the way)

1 comment:

  1. These are top notch! I'm really liking the stormtroopers. Any chance on a tutorial? How about that AT-ST one?


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