Monday, 7 September 2015

Miniature Monday: Chaos Trolls rebased for AoS

Yeah I'm cheating a little here, not really new models, but new bases and I think they got an whole new and more dynamic look.

These models where a pain to rank up, especially with Throgg in the unit as well. So the new round bases makes this much easier (Throgg is almost done as well), and with the dynamic poses these models have I think the round (50 mm in this case) bases looks awesome. What do you think?

Did this as easy as I could. As Iv'e put a lot of work into bases before I wanted to keep that and just transfer them over to rounds. 40 mm would look to small so I went with 50 mm, cut of the edges and the cut away all the square excess. I then glued it on top of the new round base, used PVS, sand, some rocks and stuff to build up the rest around the old base. It takes some time, but this way I could keep the work Iv'e already done to the bases.


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