Monday 28 September 2015

Miniature Monday: Daemon Prince of Tzeentch WIP

The only thing I post nowadays Miniature Monday! Well I will be better posting more stuff up here, currently moving and making a new hobby room so between that, having young kids and some painting there isn't much time left...

But for now, here's my Mini Monday for today!

My old Tzeentch Daemon Prince, now on a 60 mm round base. Still WIP as I can't help myself not to do some repainting when I at it changing bases. I have redone the skin, the cloth and and the sword so far. Still highlights left to do on the skin, and I also want to redo the black on the wings. Also some more highlights here and there and more work on the base and it's done. Will of course post up new better pictures when it's finished, but for now this will have to do. Happy wargaming and painting guys!


  1. There's pop, and then there's POP! Love the color!

  2. That color is absolutely gorgeous. Great choice of basing to go with it! Really vibrant blues!

  3. Glad you like him guys! He is soon finished ^^


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