Thursday, 29 October 2015

News: Horus Heresy: New pictures of the box contents

Nice and crisp pictures showing the plastic sprues for the Cataphracti Terminators and Contemptor Dreadnought for the upcoming Horus Heresy game from Games Workshop.

It's supposedly a standalone board game type, like Space Hulk, Execution Force etc. But I think GW will use these minis for more than that in the future. Anyway it's really nice with HH models in plastic.

I wasn't to thrilled by all the the 30k rumors to be frank, but when more and more pics is coming and the fact it's a stand alone game, makes me more interested.

Found the pics at Bell of lost Souls, but original source is Spikey Bits.

Update: More pictures via Spikey Bits!

Via Spikey Bits’ Anonymous Source 10-29-2015
“Please note these pictures were sent to US via an anonymous source. We are not watermarking them, and they are free to use by anyone via Fair Use from a news media outlet. At Spikey Bits we never hold the hobby hostage with images, please do not either.”


  1. 30k doesn't interest me at all...
    Does look like a nice boxed game though, and a cheaper intro to 30k is a good thing.

    1. I like the horus heresy, but it's just all space marines and stuff and we have plenty of that already in 40k. I liked this being an standalone game though, and the models does look nice. Tempted to make an small Dark Angels/Fallen using these models.


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