Monday, 2 November 2015

Miniature Monday: Khorne Skullchrusher

All I do currently is about AoS, I'm building terrain, assemble models, paint models, rebasing and repainting.

For this model I did the last two, I first repainted him quite a lot. Some of you might have seen how my old Skullchrushers looked liked, if not you can find them here. I always liked how they looked before, but back when I painted them I wanted a unified looking force with models from all the Chaos gods. As my force was mainly Tzeentch I painted them blue.

As I said, I liked the look.... but well, Khorne in blue... it's just feels wrong...

Now in AoS I went with an totally other idea, separate all my Chaos models into smaller Chaos God specific armies... With different basing, different colors and so on. It's not as versatile when it comes to do games, but it's going to be more fun and varied when it comes to painting and basing each army instead.

Anyway, went with a more traditional red theme on one of my Skullchrushers to try it out. And well, I'm really happy with the result. I also redid the shield a little and it looks better now I think.

Sorry about the poorer picture quality this time around, was in a little bit of a hurry when I took the pictures. Comments are much welcome!


  1. That's a lovely rich red, and the shield is pure metal.

  2. Love that shield, this is an awesome piece!

  3. Thank you guys! I'm really happy with how it turned out :)


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