Monday, 2 May 2016

Miniature Monday: War Altar of Sigmar

I've decided I wanted some Devoted of Sigmar in to accompany my Stormcast Eternals. And now I finally my converted War Altar, but I did a little more than just rebasing of this model.

You can see how it looked before here. And even if I liked how it looked before It didn't work as good with my Lions of Sigmar Stormcast. It was purple but the wrong tint of purple. So I redid all this on both the flagellants and the wagon.

The Arch Lector was before a High Priest of Morr, but since the End Times Morr is no more. I didn't want to change it altogether, I like the statue, the roses etc. but the High Priest looked a little out of place. So I changed him into Death Mage and put the original Arch Lector on top of the War Altar instead. So I painted him up in matching colors, did some more touch ups etc. and here is the final result. 

Liked how it turned out, and the model looks so much nicer on a big oval base I must say. Please tell me what you think, and if anyone out there has tried it in AoS please tell me what you think about it.



  1. Excellent!
    Love the conversion work and with that paint scheme you have really made them your own!

  2. Really beautiful paint job there. In terms of in game it is a well rounded support piece with a decent ranged attack (best against Chaos Daemons - will out perform a cannon), 2 unbinding attempts, and a good buffs for other Devoted of Sigmar units. I would say the best way to run it is as a kind of tank to support a contingent of Devoted units. It shoots units up, improves the other units, and can do alright in close combat.

    It is also pretty efficient and unique in that it does basically everything - it shoots, it fights, it unbinds, it increases other units damage output, it protects other units, it improves morale and it lowers the enemies morale. What is not to love?

    1. Thanks for the info, that is great to hear! That was pretty much how I thought it would work. Haven't tried it out yet, but I want to run this with some Devoted of Sigmar units together with my Stormcast. Want to paint up my Celestial Hurricanum as well, that wagon looks like a beast... well rules wise atleast.

  3. Amazing work. Really looks great on the table to boot!

  4. Thanks guys really appreciate it!

  5. what base size is that altar on?


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