Monday, 29 August 2016

Miniature Monday: Celestial Hurricanum

Just a WIP this time around, but at least a late WIP. OMG these models (Hurricanum, Luminark & War Altar) takes forever to paint up. I don't think it really shows, but there's just so many details and stuff going on that needs paint it really takes forever to paint any one of these up.

I have a War Altar, soon a finished Hurricanum, and I still also want an Luminark, despite how f%"#ng! long it takes to paint one up. That is a good kit I tell you that.

Anyhow, here's what I got so far. The actual Hurricanum is soon finished, I need to paint some more planets/space objects, two characters on it and some minor things and then done. I hate how long time it takes to get these things finished, but I also love to paint them up.

Well here's what I got for today. I painted it to match my Stormcast as well as my Free Guild. Hope you like it and I will soon post pics of the final product.


  1. those spherical gems are gorgeous.... really nice work

    1. I agree...holy !)@$&(! they are flawless.

    2. Many thanks, yeah I was very unsure about it when I painted them. But when I finally put the gloss varnish as a finishing touch I really liked how it turned out.


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