Friday, 2 September 2016

Review: White Dwarf Sept 2016 Monthly WD is back!

I got the new monthly White Dwarf today so I thought I needed to come back to make reviews again, especially with this old new format. So what is like then?

In short, great! More than great actually, I finally think GW is getting back to it's roots with this issue and they get a lot of stuff into this 148 page tome of a magazine.

First up here's five things I got extra excited about:

1. Free mini! And a lovely Slaughter Priest as well, great choice.

2. Battle Reports! I so missed the battle reports, now they are back and I loved it.

3. Tale of four Warlords. It's like the old tale of four gamers, it's AoS based and I loved how they wrote how they choose the colour scheme of their armies etc. Excited to see more from these Warlords.

4. Boxed Game Specials. I loved these, new stuff like missions, character sheets etc. for all of their current boxed games including AoS, Deathwatch Overkill, Gorechosen. Silver Tower and even Space Hulk. Really awesome.

5. The contact with the readers and hobbyists, this is something GW have changed a lot lately and it shows in the magazine as well. Great questions from the readers and great answers as well, and even some words from Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp from Heelanhammer Podcast. Love how they recognize all the people that do so much for the community, it's just great.

Planet Warhammer is the news section showing off the new releases, coming digital games etc.

More detailed questions and good answers, even a link to a tutorial on how to take better photos of your models.

White Dwarf is back, even if it's a repainted Unforged I think this is pretty neat.

Tale of four Warlords features Sylvaneth, Nurgle, Ironjawz and undead Malignants.

Army of the month is an large Eldar force

New missions for Space Hulk!

Use your new Slaughterpriest in WQ: Silver Tower

Or use the Grombrindal himself inside the Silver Tower, or AoS!

This part is showing illustrations and explaining what is going on, much more interesting than it sounds. It was about Deathwatch this month and will return in each new issue.

Look at those armies, huge! And the bat rep was great.

Lovely landscape for the battle.

Loved this little segment taking us back to October 1996, hope to see more of this.

A lot of pictures showing us the battlescape from Warhammer World. A lot of explaining as well how it was built etc.

Blanchitsu is still around with more awesome warbands.

These painting tutorials is still pretty basic but good still.

Verdict: I really liked this issue of White Dwarf, it's much better than the weekly ones. And much better than the version before, it's more hobby orientated and feels more like the White Dwarfs of old, but with less ads. Sure there´s still some ads but not much and nothing that distracts you at all.

All in all I loved this issue, even if it was much Wh40k in there which does not interest me as much there's plenty for everyone (Not Hobbit/LOTR fans though, there's nothing of that in here.). The best thing is that there was so many usable stuff, like all the add ons to the boxed games and even a free mini. Once again I feel I will revisit this issue many times and still discover something new to read, not like the weekly issues where I read it once and then put it away.

Can't recommend it enough.


  1. Thanks for the review. It's been a long while since I bought a copy (shortly after it went weekly) but this might make me change my mind.

    1. Recomend u to try it. Much to read and cool pictures.


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