Monday, 19 September 2016

Miniature Monday: Lord-Castellant and Gryph-hound

After I finished my Hurricanum I really got up to speed on my Stormcast Eternals. Currently painting a lot of characters and more Retributors. Also thinking of buying some more Stormcast stuff to give me more choice when it comes to army building. Mainly stuff so I could field an Skyborne Slayers battalion. And more Judicators of course, five is far from enough.

Anyway, first up of the finished heroes is one of my favorite Stormcast models, the Lord-Castellant and his pet the Gryph-hound.

I painted all the things before I decided to try an OSL effect on the lantern with my airbrush. Really nerve wrecking but I think it really made the model look more interesting. Tell me what you think!


  1. Great brush work, the lantern looks great.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah really happy with the lantern.

    2. I honestly thought you added some photoshop trickery to the image, it looks stupendous! The whole paintjob is really top notch, though.

      Although I can't help but see the word "FARt" in the glyphs on top of the lantern... I'm so sorry!

    3. Haha you see what you want to see I guess. Really want to be that good in photoshop but even nicer I could achieve that effect the good old way... With an airbrush... Glad you liked it!


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