Thursday, 17 November 2011

Army Lists: Orcs & Goblins 2400 pts 8th ed.

I really like doing army lists, I'm afraid I don't use them much on the field though. But it seems my friends are becoming interested in the game again so hopefully we will start playing soon as well. Currently I'm working most on my Orcs and Goblins so my first draft for a army list is dedicated to them. I'm trying to take stuff I already have, that's why there's pretty many different things in this army, this is also because I would try out as much as I can in the beginning. So here's the list.

No room for ordinary Orcs anymore! :.(

1 Orc Warboss @ 218.0 Pts
     General; Shield, Basha's Axe of Stunty Bashin, Armour of Destiny

1 Savage Orc Great Shaman @ 290 Pts
     Magic Level 4, Lucky Shrunken Head, Fencer's Blades

General got a 4+ 4+ save and a good weapon which may be to pricey but I like that he can make a good boost in combat, the shaman lord got the standard gear from what I've seen on forums and I really like the idea of a Battle Shaman. With the units I have there's not much places to go other than the big bunker with S orcs so I think I will see how this work out.


1 Black Orc Big Boss 165 @  Pts
     Battle Standard, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield

1 Night Goblin Shaman @ 75.0 Pts
     Magic Level 1, Dispel Scroll

Some protection for the Blorc BSB, and the little dude is a scroll caddy. BSB into the bunker and the shaman into the NG unit. Not much more to say, way have wanted one more NG shaman and upgrade this one and maybe take away the Blorc and make a NG Big boss bsb instead. So much choices in the O&G list.


30 Savage Big 'Uns @ 385 Pts
     Big Stabba, Second Choppa, FC

49 Night Goblins @ 247 Pts
     Netters, Shields, Spears, 2 Fanatics, FC

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 50.0 Pts

5 Goblin Wolf Riders @ 50.0 Pts

A big bunker and hammer unit in the Savage Orc unit, all chars go in here except the N Goblin Shaman. If I had the pts I would up the unit to even more orcs but as it is now it's a large point sink but I think it will deal with most things really well. The NG unit is the anvil unit and the the Wolf riders go as annoying little units on the flanks and as diverters. Have all models except seven orcs, also needs some painting to be done.


30 Squig Herd @ 270 Pts
     10 Night Goblin Herders

1 Spear Chukka @ 35.0 Pts

The other hammer unit, the Squig herd. Don't have that many squigs, but hopefully GW will make plastic squigs soon! Quite cheap unit that can really make some punch. Also a Spear Chukka that I need to invest in. When I modify the list in the future there will be most changes here I think, Black Orcs, Trolls and Chariots are some really possibly choices as well as maybe Savage Orc Boar riders.


1 Doom Diver @ 80.0 Pts

1 Rock Lobber @ 85.0 Pts

1 Arachnarok Spider @ 290.0 Pts
1 Mangler Squig @ 65.0 Pts

1 Mangler Squig @ 65.0 Pts

So much fun in the Rare section nowadays. Can make some real changes here as well and from what I've heard from others the Doom Diver, Rock Lobber and Manglers will probably stay as most seems to like them. Only need to convert a Rock Lobber and buy the official Mangler Squig when it arrives to have two Mangler Squigs. The Big spider on other hand it seems like it can be a real hit or miss in games, and some like it and some don't but as I will only play against friends and the model looks awesome, of course I need to use it! At least until I need the points for other stuff.

Only need to finish the Howdah!

So that's all I think it looks like a quite nice list, a lot of different things that I need to try out and I'm sure there needs some tweaking. But as I said, this list is only for friendly games but It should of course be somewhat competitive as well. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.


  1. Interesting list. I usually take one or two fast supportng/deterring units like chariots or boar boyz but as you many choices :).

    Love the painting btw!

  2. Yeah, I have one Orc and one Goblin Chariot but at it is there's no points left for them. Will try to fit at least one in when I change the list though, and probably the big spider goes and that frees up some points. Thank you for the comment :)


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