Sunday 6 November 2011

Review: White Dwarf 383

This will be a quite short review as there isn't that much to say. We all know GW likes to promote their latest army release a lot in White Dwarf. And that's fine for me, as long as there's at least some other stuff (or an army I'm really interested in). Often this isn't the case though. And not with this issue either, of 119 pages 63 have something to do with this issues army, the Necrons.

So not much other stuff this month, but the Necrons looks really awesome and as always GW have made a really good job updating an army that really needed some reinforcements. I wasn't overwhelmed by all of though, and even if the painting quality is great as always I didn't really liked the ordinary colours they where painted with. But there is a lot of examples on different colour schemes I hope people will follow.

When it comes to other releases, there's a great looking but costly new empire tower called Skullvane manse, lair of the astromancer. A great looking tower with the typical Empire architecture, love it. Then there's of course the new Mega Paint Set, Paint Station +, a new Book with some of the best Eavy metal Masterclass articles from WD and a Brush tin with two Kolinsky Sable brushes (yeah Eavy metal don't use the normal Citadel brushes!?) and a clear matt wash called 'Eavy metal medium' used for glacing instead of water.

There's also something they call Grass Tufts, one called Mordheim Tuft and one Middenland Tuft. These looks like the Grass Tufts I have from Army Painter, and I think they are great and I like that Gw makes more and more stuff to use for basing. They are also showing the new version of the miniature White Dwarf, this time as a pirate. I have several versions already and I think I might need to try to get this one as well.

So to sum it up:

+ Great pictures showing the Necron Army
+ I like the new Tower, even if I would like to see some buildings for the other races. I want Orc huts!
- To much focus on the Necrons
- Not much Fantasy at all, there was some Ogre stuff though
- Not much usefull stuff, mostly showing of new stuff

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (if you love Necrons you probably won't agree)


  1. Always enjoy these posts, cheers :)

  2. Glad you enjoy reading them Fnurgn :)

  3. The painting guide for the Astrolabium ( is quite good and well worth the price of the magazine -- for those who own the building, of course. :-)


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