Wednesday, 1 August 2012

BIG Reinforcements from Warhammer Forge!

The other day I got some new shiny toys for my Empire army in the form of Elspeth von Draken on a Carmine Dragon and Leitpold the Black, accept these I also got the Montreous Aracanum book. So I have assembled most of the miniatures and read some from the book and just want to tell you how it all went and what I think about them.

The first thing I needed to do was to assemble most of the Carmine Dragon, what a beautiful model it is, great details and the Dragon looks just like a Dragon should look, and Elspeth looks great as well with a lot of little cool details like cherubs holding her skirt and stuff. As you can see most of the main body is in one part so when you attach the other parts it all holds together really well, and the resin was really good with very bubbles and no miscast at all as far as I've seen at the moment.

Don't know how to use this model yet, there are three alternatives I've been thinking of. First, just keep it as it is with Elspeth on the back. Or.. take Karl Franz from the new Griffon kit and put him on the back of the Dragon, and do some converting and have Elspeth on a horse instead. This would be a better option ruleswise as the only model from the AB that can use a Dragon is Karl Franz and you also get a beautiful Amethyst Wizard on horse as well. Or option three, do like option two but use magnets and switch riders between their mounts as much as you like. Right now I'm leaning on doing option three even if it will take more time to do.

Next I assembled most of the Leitpold model, this model I will use as a Templar Grand Master for my Order of the Black Rose IC Knights. Don't think I have to do much with him, just adding a shield with the orders insignia and paint him up like the rest of the Knights. Don't want to do more greenstuffing than necessary as I don't want to foil all those nice details and the overall look of the miniature. Really like this model as well, really nice details and some of them are so small that I think I will ruin them as soon as I put some paint on, here I really need to think those paints down! I also like the face expression on Leitpold, he just looks as arrogant as he is in the fluff. So lovely model, and I hope he will look alright as an TGM.

 I have also been reading some from my new book, Monstrous Arcanum. And the quality is just as in the Tamurkhan book, and the illustrations is beautiful and the biggest reason I bought it actually. Not as usefull as the Tamurkhan book though as this mostly is like an expansion for Storm of Magic. Will do a review of both this book and the Tamurkhan book in the near future.

So what do think about my ideas with the two new resin models? Do you have any of these yourselves and if so, what are your opinions on them, please comment below and stay tuned as I soon post about more new stuff for the other GW universe. 

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  1. I missed this post the first time around, but I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the reviews. I agree completely with your thoughts about the Monstrous Arcanum. And I think you should definitely go the magnet route for Elspeth and Karl Franz. Especially now that he's front and center again in The End Times... you may have to put him on a toad dragon for your next game!


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