Monday, 20 May 2013

Robotech® RPG Tactics™ Kickstarter, just 19 Hrs left

Yes this KS is now in it's final day and it's just 19 hours left as I type this. What a ride it has been though, it has been smashing their Stretch goals lately and the sweet spot pledge lvl (Battlycry) is getting more and more stuff in it. And that was a sweet deal even beforehand.

The last thing that was unlocked was an additional Super Valkyrie in Battlecry and above pledges making it two Super Valkyries in Fighter, Guardian and Battloid modes. Just check out below what you get in the Battlecry pledge, that is a lot of miniatures and other stuff for that prize.

So you pretty much have your bases covered with this box, I will add some stuff we aren't getting however (or will we?) some Armoured Valkyries, Zentraedi Infantry and some Ghosts. And the Ghosts is the next box to be upgraded, so pledge on now people so I get more Ghosts in the box and more stuff in my Battlecry pledge! :D

Click the banner below to get to the Robotech Kickstarter page.

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