Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Warzone Resurrection Rulebook preview and Box art!

Got another update from Prodos who is really busy right now getting everything ready for the first release of their products in June (which is going according to plans so far we where told by Mark Rapson from Prodos in the second issue of Doomtrooper Radio vidoecast).

Anyhow it is always a big joy when we get any bit of news from Prodos and now we are really seeing stuff is nearing completion. With an really nice pic from the rulebook and a preview of the box for an Eradicator. According to Prodos these boxes will be different for each corporation and have different/relevant theme, same about corporation pages in rulebook/boxes. Yea for this game even the boxes is really interesting for me, please Prodos give us even more pictures! June can't get here soon enough.

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